EA SPORTS UEFA Euro 2012 Now Available

Despite the assurance that EA SPORTS UEFA Euro 2012 would be available as a downloadable product only, an unexpected retail release of the videogame has arrived today. Ahead of the digital launch next week, EA SPORTS UEFA Euro 2012 is now available.

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Britainz-Fin3st2369d ago

Is anyone planning to get this?
Football(soccer) is my favourite sport but year after year i buy the new game, since fifa 2000 and imo every year i complain about the same stupid stuff.

Had never been a fan if PES but played it and apart from the licenseing it beats fifa in every way.

Fifa is just generic crap they ship out with a few little changes each year. the biggest difference to me being the kits and squad player changes....

I love football but i refuse the waste my money on this crap anymore from EA. This shouldnt even be being released. They already sold people a game with the International teams it should be an option on fifa 12 to play the euro tournement.

cstyle2369d ago

I actually buy them both but PES mirrors the sport much better to me. It gets the little things right. For example, if i'm playing league I can actually see how other players in other leagues are performing. Fifa has much better animations and of course the licenses but pes plays like an actual game would. There is also a lot of other things that pes does better but I hope 2013 can address issues with both.