How Journey changes the art game genre

GZ's David Sanchez writes, "It's no secret that art games are hard to "get." Not a lot of people understand art games, and just like an offbeat indie film where all you see is a guy standing by himself slightly off center as static sound blares in the background, the genre isn't for everyone. Hell, as big a fan as I am of most things indie, I can't attest to being a huge appreciator of indie flicks like the nonsense I just described. But I am a fan of art; I am a fan of video games; and I am most certainly a fan of art games."

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Crap_Turtle2786d ago

it doesnt change anything all games have art style

NukaCola2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

This has nothing to do with artsyle. It's about artistic expression in gaming. Obviously all games have a form of artstyle, but some games stand out away from a theme, and only give the player a scenario where their own emotions and interpretations define the experience. This isn't about it's color pallet or gameplay, it's called Journey and it's not trying to force you into feeling a certain way, it's only trying to get you to feel. It's about your experience and that is what art is all about. Self-Interpretation.

Cosmo8112786d ago

I, personally, found Flower to be much more enjoyable experience than Journey, but I agree with everything you just said.

Hicken2786d ago

Were you even paying attention? Even if all you read was the title, it should have given you more insight into the issue than just being about art style.