10 Best Xbox 360 Exclusives

The Xbox 360 has had a solid six years in the industry and proved itself as a beloved gaming platform, and while it still has a lot of life in it, let's take a quick look back at the strongest exclusives on the console according to Metacritic.

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Noticeably_FAT2738d ago

They are strictly going on Metacritic...ughhh
Alan Wake should be on that list....

CadDad2738d ago

Viva Pinata as well as Alan Wake!

Two reasons I bought a 360.


SuperLupe2738d ago

Why isnt Lost Odyssey up there ?

Crap_Turtle2738d ago

This should be ignored..........going only by broken review aggregators.........

360GamerFG2738d ago

What then should they use? Sales? If we can't use metacritic then how can we say X game is better than Y game or Z game is the best?

xPhearR3dx2738d ago

When you use the word "Best" it's automatically an opinion piece, so why don't you try.....ummm you know, using your opinion.

darthv722738d ago

and even metacritic can be wrong. Think to the instances where reviewers purposely downed games because of personal bias and not wanting to be fair. It happened on both the user side as well as the journalist side of the system.

If a list is to be made it should be done so on the merits of the game NOT the score it is given. Some games have been perceived better than others and yet still did not score exceptional numbers.

360GamerFG2738d ago

Maybe because, oh I don't know, I haven't played them all??

Me-Time2738d ago

Read user reviews then.

Hicken2738d ago

Then why are you even voicing your opinion on the subject? Most reasonable people aren't in the habit of voicing their opinion on something they know next to nothing about.

In the entertainment industry- of which gaming is a part- you can never use "best" and then follow it up with critic reviews. A game or a movie is not a car or a washing machine; you can't use objective stats to determine quality. And if people wanted the "10 Best" exclusives for 360 based on Metacritic... they could just go to Metacritic.

_Aarix_2738d ago

Seriously, there are better options than this.

Wolfbiker2738d ago

Where is Witcher 2, Alan Wake, Lost Odyssey, and Left 4 Dead?

francknara62738d ago

Except Lost Odyssey, they're on my PC :)

Perjoss2738d ago

allow me to translate francknara6's comment...

"I don't own a 360 or a PC and I'm a little pissed off that I cannot play these on my PS3"

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