Role playing games without borders

Nightmare Mode's Tom Auxier plays Xenoblade Chronicles and finds a Western RPG hiding beneath Japanese trappings. Here's what he writes:

"A funny thing happened in Japan: the year’s biggest and brightest Japanese RPG turned into a Western RPG. The moment this crystallized for me came towards the beginning of Monolith’s Xenoblade Chroncles. The main character and his love interest Fiora stand on a hillside, talking about the past. A question comes up, with two choices. I picked the positive one, because I thought Xenoblade was a Japanese RPG, and Fiora got mad at me. A relationship meter straight out of Dragon Age declined. That’s when I realized something truly strange had happened here: I was playing an RPG without a modifier."

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Crap_Turtle3280d ago

oh my god, this writer should be fired..........there is not a single "western rpg" thing

about xenoblade

was final fantasy XII western rpg?
Was .hack?

was dragon quest IX?

The writer gives no examples, fact or anything else, just sensationalism