Tetsuya Nomura Hints at More World Ends With You

Square Enix's revival of fan favorite DS title The World Ends With You may go beyond just a few cameo appearances in Kingdom Hearts 3D.

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Moncole2371d ago

The first was great, I welcome more.

Canary2371d ago

But why, exactly? I spent three or four hours with it and it did nothing to capture my interest. I keep see people refer to it as one of the best DS RPGs, but the time I spent with it made me see it as one of the lesser ones.

Lavalamp2371d ago

I'd love for another game to explore TWEWY's fiction. That would also mean another awesome OST!

TheColbertinator2371d ago

No screw that.We need XIII Versus or Kingdom Hearts 3.

Moncole2371d ago

Why can't we have all?

wolokowoh2371d ago

Apparently not. The reason Versus 13 isn't done is that Nomura has worked on several, and I mean several, projects including The World Ends with You since Versus 13 was announced. He's doing a lot more than consulting too. I'm happy that they may be considering a sequel but it'd be better if they had him and a sizable team focused heavily on Versus 13 instead of having him and many notable people also from the Versus 13 working on just about everything. With Versus 13 ut of the way they could then switch focus to KH3 and then other projects.