Ubisoft Plaintiff Gets Amazon Review Bombed

Gamers fight back against John Beiswenger, who is suing Ubisoft for allegedly stealing ideas from his book, by flooding his Amazon listing with a series of 1-star reviews.

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psyxon2787d ago

Whiny ass cry baby gamers? Nothing new.

inveni02787d ago

Sorry, but if gamers are really doing this out of spite, they're wrong. Hopefully Amazon removes the reviews.

Saladfax2787d ago

Amazon is *usually* pretty good about removing fake reviews. I say usually because there have been a few individuals I'm acquainted with who have unfortunately had digital stalkers.

These fellows would basically troll around everything related to the author and his/her books, posting bad reviews, negative comments. From what I recall, Amazon didn't do anything there except maybe remove ones involving personal insults, profanity and the like.

I suppose it depends upon the validity of the reviews themselves, which in the case of poor (stupid) Mr. Beiswenger, most are fake. A whole lot of hate came pouring in starting 4/18, so even the ones trying to sound real pretty obviously aren't.

Best guess is Amazon will remove anything from that timeframe, but you never know.

inveni02787d ago

Judging from the book description, it probably deserves a one-star review, but it should be legitimate.

rjdofu2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Not that I agree with the plaintiff, he's indeed greedy and stupid, but what is worst? Those "reviewers", extremely immature whiny AC fanboy.

The only valid "review" in there is the one in July 29, 2007 (i.e. the first review). The rest of the so called "review" are just from raging fanboy nerd.
Notice how all the negative review start from 18 April 2012, and all of them mention AC. There's 1% chance that those "reviewers" actually go buy the book or even read it somewhere. Those can't be called review, just immature nerd raging, period.

Megaton2787d ago

Whiny ass cry babies whining about gamers? Nothing new.

justpassinggas2787d ago

The "cry baby gamers" have a point, though.

This guy waits until Assassin's Creed is a cultural phenomenon (yes, it is) to file a lawsuit so that he can hit maximum paydirt. Why did he not do so when the first game came out 5 years ago?

And his "original" idea was already in book form in the early 80s. Does that not sound hypocritical that he built on (if not outright copied) the idea of genetic memory from another author and then has the balls to sue Ubisoft? It's like me making a fake iPhone and some Chinese iPhone-copier suing me for patent rights violation!

jadenkorri2786d ago

its possible that he didn't know his idea was being used. Not everyone plays games and he probably never knew until recently. Just looking at reviews/descriptions: , No way someone could tell from that anything about animus or reliving past lives unless they physically play the game. If he did wait until AC became a hit, that will hurt him more in court than anything else cause he should of taken action then and not now.

VideoGameJimmy2786d ago

I wouldn't say Assassin's Creed is a "cultural phenomenon" because quite frankly it hasn't impacted our culture in any way... maybe AC3 will change my mind.

I will probably get so much flack for this but Call of Duty, despite who likes it and who doesn't, IS a cultural phenomenon. They have conventions for it, tournaments, apparel, brand recognition, the games sell gangbusters, and literally everyone has played a seventh generation Call of Duty (4 and onwards). Don't get me wrong Assassin's Creed series is good but it doesn't have the same impact as something like Call of Duty or Mario or even Pokemon.

Nimblest-Assassin2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Dude.. if this guy wins, AC3 will not be released, and he will receive millions in "damages".

He waited 5 years, and is now suing them... and has anyone even heard of his book till yesterday? I didn't.

Apparently there are some honest reviews of people who read the book and called it terrible,he is trying to cash in because his book failed.

He is charging them 5 million for plagarising an idea, and he has no proof. Only one idea they have in common and thats the idea of a machine that lets you relive your ancestors lives.

Hes trying to even say they copied the concept of good vs evil, and religion from him.

I don't know... but back in time religion was really f***ing big. Unless he is trying to trademark history now.

Sure I hate review bombing, but I hope he gets his a** beat in court.

This lawsuit is ridiculous.. he waited in order to cash in.

DeadlyFire2786d ago

I don't see the big deal. Even if ideas were stolen they could just pay sum of $1 million bucks and walk away or they could run it all the way through court system and see if it goes through. Its not like Ubisoft are going to kill Assassin's creed all of a sudden.

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Lucreto2787d ago

What took him so long to sue Ubi anyway. There are 8 Assassin's Creed games out but it looked like he waited until the series got to its most successful period to maximise his payout.

SilentNegotiator2787d ago

It's most successful period? mean from multi-million seller to multi-million seller? Or am I missing the part where Assassin's creed "spiked"?

It didn't "suddenly" become a huge thing.

SneeringImperialist2787d ago

I think after AC2 was released it "spiked" the first one was dull and relatively unpopular.

ziggurcat2787d ago

it certainly got more popular after ACII.

Nimblest-Assassin2787d ago

AC3 has the series highest record of pre orders... its safe to say the popualrity spiked up, also Ubi keeps calling it the companies most ambitious project, and they are going to spend a lot on marketing.

SnakeCQC2787d ago

he has tried in the past

Fez2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

These review bombs are pretty good actually... well, the thought out reviews - pointing out that there have been numerous other books with very similar ideas who should be suing this guy.

Does make gamers look pretty whiney though.

Fez2787d ago

Really lame review bombing actually... it's just some obscure book no ones read. Especially not the people giving the 1 star reviews - they won't even know if it's a legit complaint since they haven't read it.

Would be funny if he won the case.

TekoIie2787d ago

wait so ancestral memories is "owned" by this guy???

This review bombing is ridiculous but so is thinking your the first person to come up with an idea. I bet that if AC wasn't popular he wouldn't be suing.

Also want to point out how Review bombing this is unacceptable but doing the exact same to COD on metarcritic is absolutely fine? Where all these commenter's above me when those articles were around???

TopDudeMan2787d ago

lol, his novel is called "Link" and was written in 2003. Can nintendo sue him?

Yodagamer2787d ago

Wait can nintendo sue people on the internet as well?

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