Is Skyward Sword’s Hub As Good As It Could Have Been?

One might have expected a game called Skyward Sword, with a story that started on a floating island, to have a dense and well-developed sky world.

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Titanz2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

Though the combat system is like nothing I have experienced before (Redsteel 2 is probably as close as it gets).

Smashbro292373d ago

The whole game was pretty disappointing.

Crap_Turtle2372d ago

The entire game was amazing

SCW19822372d ago

They made a 35 hour game and bloated it with 25 hours of fetch questing. Laziest Zelda game in my opinion and a let down.

mr_badhand2372d ago

Sort of like over half other rpgs in life.

SCW19822372d ago

I would totally agree, but you cant really consider Zelda an RPG at this point in time. and because its not as in depth as an RPG the bloat becomes more annoying much sooner.