Radio Playstation Podcast Ft. AkilleezMight

Today on Radio PlayStation, AkilleezMight has returned! The group spends time discussing the recent release of the new Dishonored trailer. The first game of Missing Person was started in Home. RadioPS_Contests was hidden in Home for someone to find and win $132.50 worth of Home virtual items and spaces! During Fillin’ The Gap, viewers called in to speak with AkilleezMight and discuss Radio PlayStation’s upcoming Uncharted 3 Tournament. AkilleezMight spent time playing SkullGirls and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 with Spider-Jew and some viewers. The group showed off the design of an official RadioPS shirt, designed by codibear8383. Breaking news at the end of the show, as God of War Ascension was leaked hours before the 19th and the group watches the teaser trailer and reacts!

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