Wii: Project Bang! Announced

Dutch developer Engine Software announces its first project for the Nintendo WiiWare service, Project Bang!, a casual game type with very addictive gameplay using the unique Wii Remote controller functionality, and will support a two-player battle mode.

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Chubear3933d ago

I think I'm getting sick of hearing the term "causual" used for gaming now. It's gotten ridiculously redundant.

PS360WII3933d ago

Yea I agree with that along with the term next-gen.

mintaro3933d ago

exactly, the term next-gen gets thown around too much nowadays

mintaro3933d ago

i just hope this brings a bigger library of games for the wii

ChickeyCantor3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

I've said it manny times...i want freaking DOOMI and II with added aiming possibility....playing this game on NIGHTMARE will be hard as hell.( some guy even made a costum engine doing this already with updated GFX nothing special but its possible on Wii-ware)

and yeah casual....nextgen...lets not forget...HARDCORE *pukes*

And yeah lets hope this a fun game >_>