PlayStations best: spiders - OPM

Various men of white-coated science say Earth would be overrun with blue bottles and other buzzing pests if it wasn’t for the humble spider. Personally we’d rather take an eternity of futile fly-swatting than live in a world where we constantly dread checking our kitchen sink for hairy visitors. Unfortunately, in the wicked web of PlayStation it takes more than a rolled-up newspaper to annihilate your average arachnid.

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EVILDEAD3602373d ago

Frostbite and Limbo were spot on..

Scariest spiders of all time?

The original Resident Evil..

If people really had the [email protected] to play throgh that entire game know what I'm talking about.


Sharingan_no_Kakashi2373d ago

The heck kinda article is this?