Kinecting with Skyrim - IGN Preview


As divisive as Kinect can be, it's still been seeing its way into a wide breadth of Xbox 360 experiences, ranging from casual family fare to core games like Mass Effect 3. Now, one of the biggest hits of last year is seeing its own form of Kinect implementation as Kinect support is coming to Skyrim. This isn't a slapdash addition either, as Bethesda will be adding in more than 200 voice commands for Kinect users, controlling everything from ally commands to skill tree management. The sheer amount of commands that you'll be able to throw at your TV is staggering, so let's take this opportunity to focus on what works in Skyrim's Kinect update, and what doesn't.

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Tired2645d ago

Does anyone know how Kinect fares with accents and dialects?

I know Apples Siri flounders miserably(amusingly) when confronted by a Scottish accent.

Tai_Kaliso2645d ago

You select your region with Kinect.

Tired2645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

Really? In that case colour me impressed.

*That makes me want one just to try out accents on it....I wonder how well it does with North Walian and Brummy.

Wolfbiker2645d ago

So....why do you need Kinect for voice commands?

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32645d ago

Unified codec that does most of the grunt work for the devs?