One Piece: Pirate Warriors is Brawling Exclusively on PS3 - PSBlog Preview


“One Piece” is a household name in Japan, where the mangas and anime series are among the most popular series of all time. The series follows Monkey D. Luffy, a seafaring pirate in search of treasure on the high seas, who possesses the strange ability to stretch his limbs to cartoonish lengths after eating a mysterious fruit.

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SavageKuma2792d ago

Honestly I definitely see a great fighter coming out of One Piece with all the unique abilities as the characters take on, should be interesting and give the Naruto series some compeition.

Honest_gamer2792d ago

1st day sales for this game was just over 630,000 in japan alone, thats more than naruto ultimite ninja storm 1,2 & generations 1st day sales world wide combined, in manga terms heres the sales from last year
1. One Piece [37,996,373]
2. Naruto [6,874,840]
one piece doesn't give Naruto a fight, it murders it

1Victor2792d ago

agree plus I can see from the video that the story mode will follow the manga and how the crew got together and split on shambody before the marinefold war.

GraveLord2791d ago

Sorry SCEA, if you don't release a physical copy of the game, I'm not buying it.

cfountain2791d ago

if its priced appropriately Ill probably download it.