Bleach: Soul Resurreccion to 29.99 euros

If you have not yet taken advantage of Bleach: Soul Resurreccion, know that this beat'em all exclusive to the PS3 is now available at a price of 29.99 euros. That is what is called a short in the middle ...

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Myst2371d ago

Still waiting for it to drop a bit over here in the U.S. :/

Canary2371d ago

Don't bother. I bought it new on a whim (God knows why; I don't even like Bleach; I guess it was mostly for the cool art and promise of cool abilities). The game is ~awful~.

Myst2370d ago

Aww :/ well I can't rent it and don't have gamefly but I still KIND of want to play it. Maybe waiting until it hits the way bargain bin or something..