Xbox LIVE Goldrush Sweepstakes Launched -- 1m Microsoft Points Up for Grabs

Microsoft issued an official mailing this morning confirming that in addition to the official launch of "The Xbox LIVE Rewards Rush for Gold Sweepstakes" and its 1-million Microsoft Points prize pool it has added 10 Limited Edition Mass Effect 3 Kinect Controller Bundles to the 10 Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars Xbox 360 Console Bundles already trumpeted by PR's.

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360GamerFG2793d ago

- Changed their Account Settings to Auto-Renew their Gold Subscription (for 5 Entries)
Ha ha ha ha, yeah nice try microsoft, NO.

Recnef2792d ago

I do too -- I thought 1 vs 100 was a brilliant idea and very fun... Clearly it must not have been profitable or they would have brought it back, right? Sigh. How come the really good stuff seems to disappear?