Star Trek the game: could this be the best movie-tie in game to date? | DT Preview

Digital Extremes and Namco Bandai offer an early peak at their upcoming third-person action co-op title based on JJ Abrams take on the Star trek franchise.

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BlackTar1872788d ago

would need to be so epic to beat Goldeneye. i doubt it will but i hope so we can always use new Awesome games.

ATi_Elite2788d ago


Top 3 Movie Tie-in to Games

2. Chronicles of Riddick
3. Goldeneye

BlackTar1872788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Im sorry but Goldeneye was way better then those games. I wish i could agree but Goldeneye set the bar for movie tie ins and nothing has hit it yet. Goldeneye alone sold so many n64's played over millions of MP hours i mean crap with me and my friends alone it was over a year of MP tourneys.

Goldeneye had tourneys at stores that's how pop. it was. It was the orignal Halo to the newer gen.

What is the Stalker Movie. The stalker i played i couldn't find anything that has the story line on

im interested so please link me.

Riddick was awesome but better then goldeneye not even close.

Agree to disagree. Thanks for the response btw. please link to stalker movie

I didn't hit the disagree button btw

pbasson2788d ago

There already is a Star Trek game. Its called Mass Effect