Skype Heading to Xbox 360

After Microsoft’s Skype acquisition last May, many have been waiting to see what changes might be coming to the popular VOIP service. A job listing at Microsoft seems to have given it all away though, as they are currently looking to hire a ‘Software Development, Engineer, Xbox – Skype’

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N4realGMRZ2792d ago

Pretty Awesome......More reason to stick with Live.

ProjectVulcan2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Really? I have been able to get Skype on my phone for years let alone my computer. It would be a niche on 360 at best.

Hope microsoft buy some more games developers, instead of adding stuff everybody already has access to.

I am sure it must seem useful to a few of you and all, but it won't exactly sway me to pay out my sub again...

N4realGMRZ2792d ago

Thats why i said its another your very defensive but i love your spirit my friend!

ProjectVulcan2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

What is there to be defensive over? I just don't see it as another reason like you do. Skype is essentially free after all on all the other platforms. Rather have it on a mobile phone i can wander around on my wifi network even at home talking than tied to a console. Ergo it is virtually pointless to me personally.

Microsoft will just shove it onto all their platforms now they have purchased it.

More quality games is what will make me turn on a 360, use it online and pay out for a sub again, especially if rumours of another live price increase are borne out.

Tai_Kaliso2792d ago

Microsoft already has like 20 developers. They opened 4 new studios in 2011 and bought Twisted Pixel as well in 2011.

This generation is coming to a close, full next generation games are going to take a 2-3 year development cycle. You aren't going to see a ton of exclusives from this point on.

I can use Skype from my computer, but using my Xbox 360 headset makes more sense. I'm happy that my Xbox 360 is a central hub for most things for me now days. I use it as a cable box, gaming machine and to check Facebook.

I'm not going to complain about added features.

PixL2792d ago

@vulcanproject: Youtube, for example, is also free on every possible platform. Except for X360 which requires Gold to use it. I'm sure Skype will also be included in Gold bundle.

Tai_Kaliso2792d ago

The people that would use the features on an Xbox 360 are mostly people that have Gold already.

I've been an Xbox Live subscriber for seven years, couldn't be happier with their improvements and all of the content they add. I don't pay anything for those features, I pay for premium online service, security and a unified system, the entertainment I look at as a free bonus.

Tis all good.

cynosure2792d ago

Live keeps getting better and better

GraveLord2791d ago Show
Mikhail2792d ago

Hmmm, its better to add movie or tv services. These things should be free btw.

Nate-Dog2792d ago

Sounds to me more like it is to do with future products as opposed to current ones. Then again who knows when the next Xbox will be out.

mcstorm2792d ago

Its because MS now own Skype and they are building it into all the products. Its being built into the xbox Windows Phone and Windows OS which is a good thing to have. of they can some how give us party chat but open it up to other Skype and MSN users this would be good too.

Yes Skype is not a must have n a games consoles but it is still nice to have the service and having services is better than not having them at all.

iamlegend99992792d ago

Sweet, can't wait. Hope that speculation was correct. That would be awesome. Talk to your xbox friends while your away

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