Dead Space Story Dev: Gears Of War Has 'Literally The Worst Writing In games'

NowGamer: Chuck Beaver, story producer for the Dead Space franchise not a fan of Epic Games' space marine saga Gears of War.

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MAJ0R3386d ago

Oh snap indeed... but gears was never really known for it's story/writing.

Razmossis3386d ago

Well, I wouldn't even say the gameplay anything special either. All you gotta do is hide behind cover and hold R2 until you beat the game, basically.

sonarus3386d ago

Epic games have always focused on over the top action over story. The story and writing in gears is just as ridiculous as the Unreal Tournament series but thats their style and they have their fans. It was always laughable to me when the gears games were coming out how people would whine about spoilers like you could actually play the game for story.

That being said i do tend to like the hide behind cover and shoot gameplay especially the 3rd person view as opposed to fps view where you absorb bullets like a sponge. I think gears was the first game i played to actually do the 3rd person cover thing right.

For Gamer3000 below please don't compare gears and halo story line thats silly as there is no way they can be compared. Even if you didn't like halo story it at least had far better writing than gears

Gazondaily3386d ago

@ Razmossis

"Well, I wouldn't even say the gameplay anything special either. All you gotta do is hide behind cover and hold R2 until you beat the game, basically."

Lol R2 yeah? Have you even got a 360?

InTheLab3386d ago

LOL @ Septic

Ya beat me to it....

jony_dols3386d ago

I love the series,
but I did get the feeling that Epic thought the story was better than it actually was.

It's cheesy & full of over-the-top melodrama.

da_2pacalypse3386d ago

lol This is really stupid... It's like somebody saying "Michael Bay Movies have really bad writing"... Yeah No $hit! But nobody watches those for their writing.

Anyways, I thought Gears3 writing was pretty good compared to the other two games. But I mean, It's a AAA game, what do you expect?

Patriots_Pride3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

Well Dead Space does not offer a complex intriguing story - in fact its a very generic scifi space story seen in lots of movies.

The game it self can not hold a candle among the first 3 Resident Evil games story wise.

I love Dead Space but I hope the expand the universe more in 3 - I do not want to be stuck in a spaceship and I want to be introduced to more memorable characters. Dead Space gets an A+ in the scare department but falls short in making you connect with the characters and universe.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33386d ago

What I find ironic, personally, is that Dead Space's story is more forgettable than Gears and the gameplay is even more worse and repetitive. Both franchises, imo, need tremendous work on their narratives--and even if they both mastered this, Gears would still be more interesting.

sonarus3386d ago

WAAAAT you have got to be fukin kidding me. I personally think dead space was 1 and 2 were both fantastic games. Not ok games but fantastic. The story line wasn't necessarily original but the game was actually quite scary. I didn't play the original RE games very much i just played bits and pieces so i can't compare much but i did play resident evil 4 and 5 and 4 was amazing and 5 got by on coop fun but i can't say i was impressed by the story either. I like games like dead space and re from time to time because they are slow paced and it can be a refreshing change from other fast paced games that i play.

A story doesn't have to be complex or intriguing to be good. A lot has to do with the writing and the flow of the story. Dead space story unfolded as you played no cut scenes or non of that which i liked very much. Plus dead space was actually scary (in my opinion anyway) unlike RE. SMH @ dead space hate i love dat game

SonyPS3603386d ago

The story/writing in gears is good.

It's not the best out there, but it fits perfectly with the style. I cared a lot about the characters in the gears series.

Dead Space games are great, but I wouldn't hold the writing of those games above gears at all.

SephirothX213386d ago

Health regeneration should be done away with. It is ruining fps and tps games. Although I like both franchises, in Gears and a lot of the time in Uncharted, the player is not forced to change cover but can just pop up shoot a guy, get shot, get down and recover, pop up again and rinse repeat. You could not do this in Uncharted 1 because you would run out of ammo and be forced to move or enemies would come in to blast you with a shotgun if you ran out of ammo. AI in shooters needs to be drastically improved anyway. Also, why is there no proper stealth tps game that has the stealth and boss battles of MGS along with the shooting of Uncharted?

Dante1123386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

I agree, their writing was terrible, especially in GeOW3 ("Dad?..DAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!) . Surprised we have a few people here defending Epic's writing lol.

Anon19743386d ago

I disagree with this guy. I must be one of the few that plays Gears of War for the single player campaign but that's always what kept me hooked. Sure it's more than a little, b-movie sci-fi-ish but that's what I dig about it. Still haven't played the 3rd yet, but I will - without a doubt just because I want to see how it all wraps up.

I enjoyed the first Dead Space but I gotta say, I came pretty close to finishing Dead Space 2 before going "Meh" and just shelving it because I really found I didn't care about the characters or what was going on. Although, to be fair, I just watched the ending now on Youtube and I kinda wish I had finished it but back when I was playing it it just seemed to go on and on...

starchild3385d ago

I love Dead Space and Dead Space 2, but the writing in those games isn't that amazing either. Gears of War is not my favorite series or anything close to it, but I enjoy them and the storytelling isn't any worse than most other action and shooter games.

Of course, this is N4G so we will obviously get hundreds of PS3 fans agreeing with this guy and bashing Gears of War. But the reality is, Gears of War has no worse of a story than games like Killzone, Resistance, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and many others. In fact, I would argue that its storytelling is better than some of those other games.

SilentNegotiator3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

Let's all be fair here.....

"Worst" is indeed ALWAYS a strong word. But we could always dig through garbage and find something smellier than a pile of poo, also. So "worst" is always a tough world to use unquantifiably.

That said, it's definitely fair to say that its writing kinda sucks. You toss the characters into any other universe without dull unwavering fanboys, and no one would defend their insane lines and rock-level of emotion. Not even the "professional writing" that came into play starting at 2.

Bimkoblerutso3385d ago

Love the Gears games but as far as the story goes, after the first one they just threw in a few scenes of cliche tearjerker BS and tried to pass it off as "deep storytelling." It was all very, very cheap.

Old McGroin3385d ago


"I agree, their writing was terrible, especially in GeOW3 ("Dad?..DAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!) . Surprised we have a few people here defending Epic's writing lol."

Haha, obviously someone who thinks "Snake? SNAAAAAAKE!!!" is great writing! Get a life troll.

Awesome_Gamer3385d ago

i agree, that is why i prefer Uncharted

sikbeta3385d ago

Playing Gears for the story = doing it wrong


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Gamer30003386d ago

well i didn't love the story too and the same for halo
that's my opinion
after gears 3 i sold my xbox
and never look back

Bladesfist3386d ago

I enjoyed the story of halo 1, but that could just be nostalgia talking

Patriots_Pride3386d ago

I never liked the Halo story either until I read the books. I was amazed on how much you can learn from the books that the game simply can not offer.

A simple thing as how Master Chief became a Spartan can leave you in WOW this game is not just about Humans vs Aliens and you appreciate playing the game after you read the books because you know what Master Chief had to sacrifice to become who he is.

The Master Chief, originally named John, was born in 2511 and first lived with his family on the human colony planet Eridanus II. Large for his six years of age, and approximately a foot above his school peers, he is described as a typical boy with brown hair, freckles and a gap between his two front teeth.[18] In 2517, John and dozens of children his age are covertly taken from their homes and replaced with clones to hide the kidnapping. The original children are brought to the planet Reach, one of the UNSC's bastions, to begin intense physical and psychological training to become "Spartan-II" supersoldiers.[18] They are assigned new identification numbers instead of last names; John becomes known as John-117. Approximately eight years later, John and the other children are biologically and cybernetically augmented and enhanced. These procedures have substantial risks;[18] only John and thirty-two other Spartans survive.[18]
After the Spartans' first successful operation, John-117 is briefed on the threat posed by the Covenant, a theocratic alliance of alien races, and witnesses the utter devastation wrought by a single ship.[18] In 2552, the Chief and Spartans return to Reach, where the UNSC High Command has developed a last-ditch plan to capture a Covenant High Prophet, who they hope could be used in order to barter a truce.[18] The Master Chief's armor is upgraded, and he first encounters the artificial intelligence (AI) Cortana during a training mission.[18] The Covenant arrives and invade, despite the best efforts of the Spartans and other UNSC forces. Aboard the spaceship Pillar of Autumn, Cortana plots a random course of escape.[20] Seemingly the last Spartan alive, the Master Chief enters cryonic sleep along with the Pillar of Autumn's crew.

SPAM-FRITTER-1233386d ago

gamer300 LOL, we all know you have never owned an xbox.

Jazz41083386d ago

@ darkride...your not the only one. I enjoy the sp geow experience very much and have played the entire series to see what happens. Their writing is not brilliant but the go for the fun factor and al2ays have. Now this deve from deadspace needs to keep his mouth shut. What's their to gain by upetting the 3 or 4 million people that by gears and enjoy it. I enoy deadspace but the writing is not why I enjoy that game either but because these devs have to go off and insult other teams I loose respect for people like that. If I recall isn't deadspace published by ea? If so that says a lot.

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Eyeco3386d ago

gears of war writing and script is absolute ass, how can anyone disagree with that,and before anyone goes on about the "deep backstory" the Serans are supposed to be a couple centuries ahead of earth humans yet they had no knowledge of the geology in their own planet ..pfft. the Game is still great tho

mochachino3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

Gears 1 set up the series for a great storyline - it had an interesting world, characters and overarching crisis with the a great mix of seriousness and silliness, but it all went down hill from there and entirely lost focus.

Gears 1 started that feeling of hopeless desperation, then Gears 2 and more so 3 just failed to impress the fact that humanity was on the brink of extinction and replaced it with bad jokes and trivial missions.

In terms of Gears 3, there was more story in the 30 second commercials than in the entire game.

It's still one of my favourite series though, it just wasted its potential - that writer should be fired.

BlackPrince 423386d ago

I feel like Gears would have worked better if it were mock serious.

Like when Marcus is mourning the death of (I won't spoil it just in case but you know who) it's freaken hilarious. Almost like The Room.

If the whole game had been like that, you know, an ironic satire of gruff space marine melodrama. That would have been great.

spicelicka3386d ago


i agree with that. The gears universe is awesome and the premise of the story is amazing. They set it up really good, it's just the writing that's bad, specially the queen my god she has the corniest lines ever.

Even though it's an amazing amazinggg game, they pulled an extremely stupid move by hiring a random lady who had no idea about the universe. Seriously, i was so pissed at how little knowledge she had about the game. She probably had some story planning in mind for a book or something and forced it on the game.

ritsuka6663386d ago

Haters always consistently bash Gears of wars, storyline. But it's got one of the best plots than 90% of games exclusives in PS3.Characters are all likable, it's original and it's simply a enjoyable read regarding the books, comics and or informal aticles about Gears 3.

Crystallis3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

You're kidding right. I wouldn't of said anything when you said the plot was one of the best but when you mentioned ps3 exclusives you just sound like a fanboy. The characters are dry, the voice acting is horrid and don't get me starting on the plot.

Now what Gears does great are the visuals and the online shooter aspect of the game.

Krakn3Dfx3386d ago

You're right, the storylines in games like Heavy Rain, Infamous, Uncharted, MGS4, Heavenly Sword, and Resistance don't hold a candle to the literary masterpiece that is the equivalent of a football team fighting aliens.

shinrock3386d ago one wants to be a helgast,but they do want to be a COG.people don't want to be drake,but they want to be master chief. people dont want to be kratos,oh wait...... scratch that one. the only people who like ps3 exclusive characters are ps3 hardcore fans.

Hicken3386d ago

No one wants to be a Helgast? Riiight. That lets me know exactly how little you know of what you're talking about. You probably think Rico and the ISA are the main characters, too. Your similar remark about Drake is also disregarded.

You also left out Cole and Snake, too. And I'm certain there are a few more you could think of.

Well, since you're a fanboy and a troll, maybe not.

BlackPrince 423385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )


What do you mean who wants to be those characters? You mean for Halloween? For real? To make believe pretend to be?

Do you mean people look forward to playing as certain characters? That might make some sense, but obviously people do like to 'be' Drake or 'be' a soldier in Killzone because those games keep selling.

But do you really look forward to playing Halo and Gears for the characters? The characters in those games are pretty one dimensional. They grunt words and shoot things. To my mind, playing those games is more about the action and set pieces, not because your invested in the characters.

spicelicka3385d ago

stop turning this into a battle of exclusives you ignorant lowlives. Wtf does the gears story have anything to do with any ps3 exclusive? An exclusive is no different than a normal game u retard so why are you generalizing.

You disgrace me and i dont even have a ps3!

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TheTwelve3386d ago

Who plays Gears of War for the story? It's a bunch of muscle-bound brutes fighting aliens. I mean, I didn't play it in order to be impacted by deep thought and plot.

For that reason, it was kind of funny to see the writers attempt to create dramatic scenes within the game. I was like, "C'mon, that's not the main reason why folks play this game, move on to the next fight please..."


GameOn3386d ago

The 2 dramatic scenes in Gears 3 were pulled of very well in my opinion. In fact i cant think of many shooters that did a much better.

StraightPath3386d ago

he could of gave an example..the characters in Gears series were memorable and great and story was not that bad as he makes it to be...millions of people enjoyed it. Not the most amazing story but a statisfactory one it was. other games have worse stories.

kevinsheeks3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

Never played gear's but from what i hear its amazing O.o

Jim Hawking3385d ago

I agree with the dead space guy in every way possible

Legion3385d ago

Oh snap... someone from literally the most boring space story game I have ever seen has commented on another game that has have terrible writing!?

Maybe he should write something that doesn't consist of something everyone else has done and then come back and talk to us?

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belal3386d ago

it's true :P but thats not what makes gears of war great, it's the gameplay, cover system and boss fights. the story is quite simple: kill the enemy.

jimmins3386d ago

Almost goes to prove it doesn't need a story - look at doom/quake. Next gears should be a tournament shooter.

ardivt3386d ago

absolutely this.
I play most games for the gameplay and not for the story.
sad to say but of the hundreds of games I played there were maybe 20 with a touching and deep story. hell, my favourite game series like unreal/quake/c&c/ghost recon have ridiculous stories and I would not want to miss them.

Ravenor3386d ago

@ Ardivt

GR1 didn't really have a story...

TimmyShire3386d ago

Very good point. Why should we care *what* someone is saying if the gameplay is good?

Gazondaily3386d ago


Gears of War does a lot of things right but the writing isn't one of them.

There was potential in the story but Epic squandered it away with hollow characters with cringe worthy dialogue.

Gears to me is all about the gameplay. No one can deny that it gets that right.

_Aarix_3386d ago

I still liked the story though. The whole experience is amazing.

Cosmo8113386d ago

The *ahem* "bit" with Dom in GoW3 was one of the most emotional parts of any video game I've played. Fuckin onions man.

Kalowest3386d ago

I actually like the Gears of War series story, and I'm a story driven person.

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TimmyShire3386d ago

Stories and writing in games is almost always awful. I can think of a few that aren't, but on the whole gaming has nowhere near the quality of films - and that's clearly what they're trying ape.

Lilioups3386d ago

metal gear solid
Mass effect trilogy say hello

LightofDarkness3386d ago

I know the fanboys will eat me alive, but MGS has some pretty bad writing. It's filled with Mcguffins, "Deus Ex Machina" plot-hole-be-gone explanations for things they couldn't come up with a half decent explanation for (nanomachines!), and dull, overly lengthy and self-indulgent expository dialogue and scenes. The man needs to hire editors.

SpecialK3386d ago

Im a massive fan of MGS but trying to tie everything up with a one size fits all answer of nanomachines did make me cringe a little.

You could even tell even Hideo didnt quite understand it since it took a 30 min sequence to be explained...

Ravenor3386d ago

Metal gear Solid 4: The Movie.

It had better have a decent story considering how much time you spent sitting there staring at a screen while the game "explains" itself...repeatedly.

Drano3386d ago

As a hardcore walking Metal Gear Solid bible fanboy, I gotta agree with LightofDarkness: it's not good all the way. Metal Gear Solid 4 is especially good for looooong empty cutscenes but at least, even if not all the answers were satisfactory (Vamp and Naomi as a prime example), Kojima Studios still managed to wrap the series up.

Still prefer a heatlhy dose of the "expository dialogues" over a "The Island was in your heart all along" ending à la Lost.

pandaboy3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

How can you dislike the nanomachines explanation? Graphene nanomachines inside your body is literally the technology of the future. Forget that supernatural nonsense. The story as a whole may be told unconventionally, but that is what makes it so interesting and rewarding.

p.s. I remember the Gears fanboys not long ago arguing that their game told a better story than Uncharted xD

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ThatEnglishDude3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )


Yeah Hideo did struggle with MGS4. Bare in mind, it wasn't even his intention to continue the story past MGS3. As a result, we get a game that (although brilliant in design) resorts to using a simple explanation for everything that comes off in a desperate attempt to wrap up the story. Hideo HIMSELF wants to be done with the story. Fan demand got the better of him I guess. MGS4, the character of Snake being tired and wanting to die was almost like Hideo himself saying 'Look...I want to be done with this. Let me move on' at least, that's what I got out of it.

He took a story, wrapped everything up not only with the Metal Gear SOLID storyline, but also tied it with the original Metal Gear story - which by now is a franchise that has lasted over 20 years. So yeah, of course it's going to feel half hearted. YOU try wrapping up loose ends to a story you started over 2 decades ago, desperately trying to plug every plot hole in the series up to that point, and end the storyline. He tried so hard to address any story thread he could as if to say 'Look fuckers, this happened here, this happened there, this is what happened after this...this explains that. The end, happy?"

Kojima has said in many interviews he wants to do something new. At the same time, he's his own worst enemy because it's his baby and he doesn't want to upset his fans. Metal Gear Solid is my most favorite series of all time but even I wouldn't want to see another game in the series. MG:Rising is a huge stretch and seems to be grasping at straws on the franchise. It would have been much better to have it as a new IP and not associate it with the Metal Gear name because as soon as people hear 'Metal Gear' they assume Solid Snake and the unrelenting fucks just won't stop demanding more games about him.

Again, that's just my opinion. Bring the dislikes mofo's haha. But this is about Gears of War, and yeah...the story sucks. It was fine in the original and served it's purpose but as the series went on, I can't help but feel they tried taking it too seriously and try to make us care about these one dimensional characters. It just didn't work.

SpecialK3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

He's said that a few times though hasnt he even before MGS3? Correct me if im wrong. Personally I think MGS3 was the best of the series, and both the second and original very closely followed.

I hope he does something new though. MGS4 wasnt quite as good as the rest but it was still a brilliant game, and he would be wise to leave it on a highish note before the series becomes tainted.

Unfortunately though This Metal Gear Raiden game could be the spin off to damage what is one of my favorite series =(

LightofDarkness3386d ago

Yea, I got that impression from the game myself. I would much rather he made a new ZOE, or a new IP altogether.

Feckles3386d ago

Agree. That bit when Dom died. LOL.

TBM3386d ago

Agreed i was glad when he got off, i hated his character from the minute i started the first game. even though i like the gears franchise it doesn't give me that feeling of awe. the writing made me laugh with every game.

redDevil873386d ago


Ravenor3386d ago

If I hit this derelict busted car will it bring it across that I'm really torn up about Maria person better? No? I'm going to do it anyway!

TekoIie3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

I still think that some of the lines which people think are cheesy are pretty cool For example:

"I guess this is where you want me to say i always loved you. But i dont. I really really DONT"!

I dont care what anyone says i loved that scene :)

GameOn3386d ago

That truely was terribly done but the scene where dom dies was actually done well and that pisses me off since it always gets slated.