Why Sony Needs To Begin Retiring The Playstation 3 In 2013

GP: "Sony has said time and time again that they have a ten year plan with the Playstation 3. We're now headed into year seven, and the next generation of consoles is really starting to ramp up. The Xbox 360 is on it's last legs and the Wii is on life support explaining to the DS why it was cut out of the will.

But despite the obvious signs that the next generation is on its way, Sony is still releasing new exclusives for the Playstation 3; The Last Of Us, The Last Guardian, and Final Fantasy XIII Versus to name just a few. While all of these titles are expected to release sometime in 2012-2013, I believe they will usher in the last hurrah of the PS3, and here's why."

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stonecold32787d ago

wow to say ps3 7 years in life cycle you got to be kidding november 2006 for japan american markets makes ps3 5 years and 5mnths as as for aust europe 5 years 1mnth ps3 still has a few good years left before we think of next gen ps4 .

Tired2786d ago

Yeah, Sony have already gone on record to say we should expect the same sort of graphical leaps that the PS2 had towards the end of it's life due to developers finally TRULY understanding the hardware.

David Cage also said that Sony were reluctant to let him show off the KARA tech demo until he could prove to them that it could be bettered. He said the latest iteration of his engine far exceeded what was shown in KARA.

I'm in no hurry to replace my PS3, that money can be put to better games.

MastaMold2786d ago

More gaming news please not retarded articles

THC CELL2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

they have not even retired the ps2 yet.. sony loves to support there consoles

unlike ms did when 360 come out..

sly-Famous2786d ago

You have to love the disagree you get for stating a fact. :)

andibandit2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Yeah facts that arent really about the PS3.....on that note hows the PS3 X chat, comming along?....oh yeah thats right it still topic perhaps, but FACT.

Did this comment deserve to be here? not really.
Was it off topic? Completely.
Will it get disagrees? yes, and it deserves it.
Will people ask why when obviously it's FACT? God I dont hope so.

Gamer30002786d ago


no one cares about party chat only fanboys who want to justify why they pay for online
while on the ps3 it's for free
and sony have a 10 years plan for ps3
even though the ps4 will launch after a 2 years or so

and yes your are off topic
and you will get disagrees because you are trolling
and no one will ask you about any thing
because no one give a damn about you
go play star wars

DasTier2786d ago

I'm still pissed that both Sony and Microsoft didn't Implement complete backwards comparability for the 360 & PS3 with the Xbox & PS2 games. It doesn't matter so much now, but it would have been so much better when the consoles were 1st released and the range of games available was so limited.

JayD-1K2786d ago

I disagreed with you for one reason, I bought a PS3 with FULL BC! Now to be fair, I did buy it when it LAUNCHED with it.

sorry if you missed out but, that statement is untrue! SONY did support it but......only a few of us bought it.

DasTier2786d ago

@JayD-1K I didn't know that, was it an optional extra for PS3? Like sitcom or electric windows in a car? The 360 had and still has limited BC ( you can play Halo, Halo 2 big games but not some of my favorites, :( Sudeki) I still think it should have been built to all versions of the console though .

DrPepper2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

why would sony retire the PS3 when its sony's gaming division is the division actually making money. the ps3, ps2, & psp are all selling incredibly well. in sony's financial state retiring the playstation 3 would be stupid.

Mikhail2786d ago

PS2 is stil not retired. The PS3 would take that place of PS2 as the budget console for next gen.

SnotyTheRocket2786d ago

And, still play awesome games.

tigertron2786d ago

I agree with the article. I think this gen will have gone on long enough after 2012. 2013 is an ideal time for next-gen to start.

Besides, the big hitters will have been released by then i.e. Halo 4, GTAV, The Last of Us etc.

TheBrownBandito2784d ago

I agree. The Last of Us and The Last Guardian and then I'm ready for next gen.

Maybe both consoles if I can afford it.

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The story is too old to be commented.