Medal Of Honor Warfighter PS3 screens

Here are the latest screens for Medal Of Honor Warfighter showing off how Tier 1 hand a hostage situation in the Philippines.

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NobleRed2792d ago

If they release pc screenshots of a game in the playstation magazine It doesn't mean that the screens are from the ps3 version.

MrWonderful2792d ago

I hate to be the one to bust youre bubble,but those screens are not the pc version. Go watch the trailer of the pc and look at these. They are no where near that.

MrWonderful2792d ago

I'm a console gamer, so im by no means defending the pc version of this game. I know it will look better than the console counterparts though and these screens look good. I can just tell the difference

Bladesfist2792d ago

Im sorry but they would have to be playing on pc with no anti aliasing turned on for these screenshots. Which is highly unlikely, what is likely is it is from a PS3

megacowdung2792d ago

This looks good. I hope it doesn't end up to be like the last medal of honor. I look forward to it.

Oldman1002791d ago

These 4000x2250, 1920x1178, and 1920x1080 screenshots are definitely from the ps3 version.