Patapon reviewed by Eurogamer

Because whereas LocoRoco's effortless charm and stylistic verve compensated for an occasionally lightweight game design, in Patapon, a similar visual panache and lively effervescence compensates for an occasionally over-complex game design. So, to reiterate: while Patapon has got the same quirky sense of style and visual charm as its predecessor, it doesn't offer the same easy breezy gameplay. Instead, it offers an imposing amount of depth and a considerable amount of micromanagement. Which isn't necessarily a criticism - it's just that forewarned is forearmed, and if you're nuts about LocoRoco there's no guarantee that you'll go bonkers for Patapon, because it's complicated, and it can be frustrating. But then it can also be rewarding and yes, it's absolutely charming and that counts for a lot.

Score: 8/10

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Armyless3934d ago

Dude, it's just a game. You're not Poe.

Luca Blight3934d ago

Great artstyle/presentation and fun gameplay with a good degree of customization = must buy. The PSP has been quite a pleasant surprise over the past year and I hope the trend can continue.

MK_Red3934d ago

Pretty good score from Eurogamer but I was expecting the reviews to come a bit later. Rushed (Review, not the game)?