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Vita Hype Cooling Off Fast, Big Games Necessary To Rekindle

The Vita isn't getting the same kind of attention these days, and it's because we're not seeing too many games for it. Bring on the games; get the hype back up!

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Community2399d ago
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a_bro2400d ago

yea, it needs that second wave.

jujubee882400d ago

... Also, the VITA does not JUST need new games to pick up the slack.

There is something wrong when the PSP owners I know do not have a PS VITA nor plan on buying one anytime soon. Just 'having more games' is not really solving the problem that not enough people actually own the console.

Otherwise, yeah I would like to see some more cool games. I can already think of a few Japanese games I want to see come to the US.

NewMonday2400d ago

would have thought Sony would take the opportunity to bring over some Japanese Vita games in this game shortage, but Sony stay true to their shity publishing, they even left Dragons Crown in limbo till Atlus picked it up.

if their is one thing under-estimatedly hurting Sony it is their publishing, it unravels a lot of their hard-work

darthv722399d ago

the large catalog of psp titles that ARENT supported as well as the thought of repurchasing them in digital form.

For me it is easier to snag up umd's for cheap on games I want to play. Would I like to play them on the vita in digital form? Of course but the cost isnt worth it. And that is because the later outweighs the current when it comes to title selection.

Although, its a natural progression for better titles to come out for the vita while development begins to slow for the psp. It happened for pretty much all previous platforms both console and portable.

The psp is on the down slope now, it is just going down at a slower rate due to it still being a viable platform for sony to make $$$ from. It wont be forever (obviously) and the vita will pick up speed soon enough.

MrBeatdown2400d ago

If only there was some large, upcoming gaming event at which Sony could take the opportunity to highlight some upcoming games...

360GamerFG2399d ago

In the mean time sales continue to dwindle every single week. E3 is far away, if they don't do something soon, they'll not only continue to see a drop in sales, but a drop in interest from existing customers.

cynosure2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

They also need a price cut but they cant afford to do that.
Its on life support in Japan

AusRogo2399d ago

Dude, everytime I see u comments its always Sony negative.

MrBeatdown2399d ago

So what?

Is Sony going to do some irreparable harm by letting a month go by? Is anyone going to swear off buying the system forever because it doesn't have some spectacular line-up right now?

I'm pretty sure any logical gamer is open to buying a system that offers games they want, regardless of when they release. I know the whole doom and gloom thing is fun for some people, but 3DS had sluggish sales starting out and that's doing just fine now.

FragGen2399d ago

+1. LOL at people who have spent so much time on the internet that they now have ADD.

swansong2400d ago

2 months since it launched here in the U.S. The games will come. I downloaded disgaea 3. May 1st Mortal Kombat, May 29th Resistance, Then June will be the exclusive Gravity Rush. I'm sure a surprise or two in between. I really like my Vita. Patients.

Myst2400d ago

Yeah I was about to go and look up the date of it's launch I was positive it wasn't that far back. Things are going to take some time ._. and people definitely need patients.

Tired2400d ago

Only if they intend to practice medicine. Otherwise they can just wait like everybody else.

Crap_Turtle2400d ago

it needs EXCLUSIVE software

MariaHelFutura2399d ago

Almost all of of the current games are exclusive.

Crap_Turtle2399d ago

if by exclusive you mean port I agree

supremacy2399d ago

@crap turtle

I think he means, escape plan, gravity rush, golden abyss, burning skies, soul sacrafice, sound shape,lumines eletrocnic symphony,shinobido 2 ect. Because if thats the case we could say the same for titles like star fox, zelda ocarina of time, street fighter 4, metal gear solid 3D ect.

But on topic, I believe this is like the second or third article pointing this out. Its like,rinse and repeat.

Seriously though the vita has free apps and new games coming, I mean soul sacrafice was unconvered not too long ago and this after this: posted not too long ago from that.

So I think people need to relax, I mean the 3DS was in the same perdicument this time last year.

Besides there are plenty of cheap games on the store, aming those are over 275 psp games with added dual analog support.

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The story is too old to be commented.