Metal Gear Solid 4 TGS 2006 TRAILER (Direct Feed)

Direct feed of the MGS4 TGS '06 trailer featuring gameplay footage. ENNNJOOYY!

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UrbanJabroni5850d ago

I'm not going to comment on Graphics or framerate. This may all very well be _in engine_ and I am NOT saying this is CGI AT ALL ...however I don't care at this point. What I will comment on is that I believe this game to be about 2 years off and I believe this video is a total sham. What they showed WAS NOT a game in any sense of the word, and the fact that there are no playable units is starting to make me very suspect.

What we are looking at is a very carefully crafted _movie trailer_. Sure, these may be game assets to some degree, but the situations they display are 100% unplayable, meaning if you picked up the controller there would be no way to play 99% of the scenes. Either the angle is wrong or it is from the perspective of another character or the camera is focused totally on something other than you. It just doesn't add up _as a game._ I imagine that the game is so far out that Konami carefully crafted some scenes to put in a trailer (again, they may be in-engine, you may be able to move the camera around the scene) but the shots give me ZERO faith that there is any GAME behind the shots at this point.

I'll get flamed to death on this, I'm sure, but it just does not add up at all.

xrobbanx5850d ago

Good point and very true this game is no where near completion

pRo loGic II5850d ago

What's that green color?.

Say's you5850d ago (Edited 5850d ago )

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