IGN-Tribes: Ascend Review

IGN:Hitting a target with a projectile is the most basic goal in every shooter, but Tribes: Ascend might make it the most satisfying. Not because it sounds awesome, or because the guns make you feel powerful (though they do), but because scoring a hit takes a unique set of skills. The movement system in Tribes makes every battlefield into a playground, where good players can soar above the competition – both in terms of score and verticality. Tribes feels like a breath of fresh air for the shooter genre, and is quite possibly the best free-to-play game to date.

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DoomeDx2425d ago

"It would be great if vehicles were free like in battlefield''

No mister reviewer, you mean Tribes 2. There vehicles were free

he doesnt mention Tribes 2 at all. About whats new in Ascend etc

aviator1892426d ago

Great scores all around, game looks sweet.

Baka-akaB2426d ago

Finally a f2p truly worth playing (nope before someone comes along , Guild wars aint f2p)

-Alpha2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )


I always wanted to try CTF in this, it looks real fun, like Halo CE

Ducky2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

Tribes has no hats, TF2 clearly is the winner.


geth1gh2426d ago

Holy crap. Talk about a throw back.

I was contemplating buying it but then I saw it was f2p!!??

Hurry up download!!!

KeiserSosay47882426d ago

CTF in this game may as well be a friggin' sport, lol. So much fun. Haven't had this much fun since having 2 hr CTF sessions on Sidewinder in Halo CE. So EPIC!

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