Why did Warner Switch to Blu-ray? PS3, BD Sales & More

On the other hand, cumulative sales of BD players are only about 500,000 units. Combined with PlayStation 3 (PS3) sales of around 3.5 million units, however, total sales reach about 4 million units and overwhelm those of HD DVD on a simple calculation basis.

The BD player sales must, however, reflect the fact that many consumers purchased the PS3 for the purpose of playing videogames. Some say PS3 users that usually use the PS3 as a BD player are less than a 1/4 of all users. If it were a 1/4, BD players substantially penetrating today are about 1.4 million units. Hence, in the competition of hardware penetration, HD DVD is not at all inferior to BD.

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MK_Red3938d ago

I believe the biggest reason is that Warner wanted to end the war and they knew that going HD-DVD exclusive could only make it last longer instead of ending it.

Jandre023938d ago

I wish people would shut up about that. The PS3 was the CHEAPEST PLAYER. You dont know if people bought the PS3 for games, movies or even both. If you want to go with the best format, you go with the one is selling more right?

In the competition of hardware penetration HD DVD isnt inferior at all? Only if you cant count. Stupid article.

Monchichi0253938d ago

I think $500 million had something to do with it. LOL But in all honesty it probably was the smarter decision as it ended the format war.
All though I still fell that it would have been better for HD-DVD to win for the mass market due to the lower price point; I cannot disagree with Warner's decision.

Now we can all be confident in buying movies once again. Altough at a much higher price :(

ravinash3938d ago

I think ending the war and $$$.
money never hurts, and i'm sure both sides were willing to pay if warner went to them.
But their right, if they went HD-DVD then the market would be split half way down the middle and it would stay that way till the market was done for. Go Blueray and then its in the clear lead, the market will gain confidance and people will start buying the HD media because now they will know which one to get.
the War was killing the DVD industry because people were waiting to see who won before they started either buying BlueRay, HD-DVD...and if they were waiting for that, then they were stopping buying DVD.

Chad Warden3938d ago

That's all that matters now.

rawd3938d ago

What the heck is other, in the pie graph?

gunmetal3938d ago

All the studios that aren't Warner, Sony, Paramount, Fox, Disney, Lionsgate, and Universal.

So MGM, Miramax, Weinstein, etc..

mighty_douche3938d ago

Its not very complicated is it....

Blu-Ray sells more/better.

Make up all the wildest crazy theories you want, the simple fact is they're in business to make money not friends.

gunmetal3938d ago

If a PS3 owner isn't using it for Blu-Ray, they're probably just not interested in high def movies yet. Their numbers can't be totally discounted though, because those are consumers who are extremely unlikely to choose HD-DVD over Blu-Ray when they do decide to make the plunge.

ravinash3938d ago

When I first got my PS3 it was just for playing games....I had an old TV so there was no point in getting Blueray films.
But then I looked at the picture of HDTV is stores and how the games looked, and after a few months I caved and got one.
After that I was thinking...hmmmm....I can get these films in HD now.
Now i have 5 films to my collection.
Enter the dragon looks cool in HD, GO BRUCE LEE!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.