Payday: The Heist sequel in development

A Payday: The Heist sequel is in development.
Swedish developer Overkill Software is hard at work on "enhancing" the first game, but at the same time is making a follow-up.

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360GamerFG2787d ago

Erg! Why? The first one was just hype.

TotalHitman2787d ago

Lol, still haven't played the first one yet. I downloaded the trial months ago ^-^

Dojan1232787d ago

I got it cheap on steam. I like it when playing it with friends who have mics. Reminds me of left for dead but with a better mini-story/objective.

WeskerChildReborned2787d ago

What happened to them releasing DLC for Payday? The game has been out for quite a while.

MilkMan2787d ago

Why? Part 1 blew chunks.

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