Capcom asks fans for their patience, teases more announcements “in the coming months”

Capcom’s Christian Svensson took to the Capcom-Unity forums once again to address criticism.

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ritsuka6662789d ago

I'm certain crapcom will release more DLC rip off in the next months guys! Don't worry...

zeal0us2789d ago

DLC for new weapons....thats already on the disc
DLC for cheap crappy costumes

thats capcom for ya.

saladthieves2789d ago

This is the one company whose last thing on their to do list is to actually listen to their fanbase...and they've got the nerve to ask for patience? If anything, they're asking for more time to pull out more content and sell it as DLC.

Soldierone2789d ago

Can I charge them extra for patience? They can have me as a fan, but patience costs extra. Yeah its the same person and its fully capable as is, but It still cost extra.

rdgneoz32789d ago

Yep, you're the same fan as before, with all the bits and piece in place. However, your patience is locked behind a "hex wall" and it'll cost them a few bucks in order to get to it...

Soldierone2789d ago

If they want I can wait a few weeks and say the "patience" isn't finished yet and release the code to bypass the "Hex Wall" for a fee just to make them feel like they are paying for something.

Lord_Sloth2789d ago

Monster Hunter on mah PS3 please!

kagon012789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Watch the video...

This will create more anger and hate...

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The story is too old to be commented.