Armored Core 4 not ps3 exclusive says sega

Today SEGA announced that it will publish the newest addition to FromSoftware's mech-based combat franchise, Armored Core 4. From the developers of Chromehounds, Armored Core 4 is scheduled for release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 next spring.

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Asuka5847d ago

There are two different verisons of AC4. The PS3 version is titled "Armored Core: God is Force"

The 360 title is still unknown. The games are suppose to have different gameplay elements and different storylines.

Genki5847d ago

...let's refrain from the "That games gonna suck anyway!" or the "HA HA PS3, one less exclusive for you!"

I think everyone can agree that the more games on each system the better...good news if you ask me.

TheMART5847d ago

Nope I don't agree. It's better to have fewer titles but exclusives added with some multi format then almost only multiformat good games and a few nice exclusives (like the PS3 gets)

Brian3605847d ago

I totally agree with you

0ldb0y5847d ago

Also agree. Exclusives differentiate the consoles and keep developers, console makers and publishers on their toes. At the same time, I have to admit that I'm very happy about certain titles that have taken off their "exclusive" label, i.e. Assassin's Creed. DMC4 on x360 would put a smile on my face...

Genki5847d ago

You say you agreed with them...while promptly replying that you were glad some are no longer exclusives AND wishing for an EXCLUSIVE to be a multiplatform title...hmmm...I smell an oxymoron.

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