Binary Domain vs Gears of War 3: Which wins the 3rd person shooter war?


"With the recent release of Binary Domain, which has in many reviews and articles been compared to Gear of War 3, we thought it would be a good idea to put them up against each other and see just how similar they actually are.

For those of you that don’t know, both of them are 3 person shooters and at first glance do look and feel rather similar.
We’re going to break it down though and see which is worth more of your time and more importantly, your money!

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gaminoz2792d ago

Binary Domain just didn't seem interesting to me. I probably missed out on a good game, but there are just so many shooters I can do!

NYC_Gamer2792d ago

Played the demo and it just didn't catch my attention

godzilla722792d ago

Youre missing out, dont go by the demo. Great graphics, alot of action. Similiar to Vanquish. Another nonstop action game that was way underrated!

thereapersson2792d ago

Haven't played Vanquish but it did look like something I'd love. It's a shame that the game is apparently really short.

ABizzel12792d ago

It was actually pretty good. If you like Gears you'll like Binary Domain, it's a Japanese Gears of War.

Gears is still the better game, but Binary is a best clone out there.

I'm looking forward to Inversion, and it seems like a better Gears clone, mixed with Bulletstorm. However, I've seen great gameplay videos and mediocre ones, so hopefully it the better ones are of closer to final product.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32791d ago

BD must be rather decent, going by this person's comparison's, to be going against the king--and having this person admitting if it had more polish, it could be just as good as Gears.

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ritsuka6662792d ago

lol @ disagrees..

So, this game it looked unbelievibly bad,silly, tired rip off of the Terminator mythos with embarassing stereotyped characters, laughable dialog and sub-par visuals compared Gears 3.

madjedi2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

@ritsuka Rip off of the terminator mythos, did you even play the damn game. "embarassing stereotyped characters" And gears isn't right.

"laughable dialog" Funny never had gears pegged as having mass effect/kotor lvl dialogue.

Here is a little hint fool, the bad guys aren't necessarily the robots.

It won't get anywhere near the exposure as your precious gears of war 3, but that still doesn't make it a bad game by any means.

Terminators which want to wipe out mankind, right brilliant comparison to the the enemy's goal in binary domain. That proves you haven't actually played the game.

People need to realise this a low(compared to many other games)budget title that was catered to the japanese market and not us.

@badcircuit "Binary Domain looks like a bland sci fi shooter." Funny because i remember people being excited that gears 2 or 3 was going to have colors other than brown, black and grey in it.

So gears can have ruined city environments but binary domain is penalised or called bland for it?

And yet you people wonder why game companies rarely try new ips anymore.

@wraith if you like tps cover based games, try the demo it is a solid single player campaign, the multi isn't that great to me.

If they do a sequel they have a day one buy right here.

lastdual2792d ago

BD isn't a bad game. It's a fun and competent 3rd person shooter.

That said, it comes nowhere near the polish of Gears. Not in the core gunplay, nor the variety of enemies and arenas, and certainly not in presentation.

It's not just a matter of budget. Epic has been making Gears games for a while. They've obviously fine-tuned the gameplay to a high degree.

BadCircuit2792d ago

One of the things I liked, particularly in Gears 1 and 3, were the gameplay environments.

Binary Domain looks like a bland sci fi shooter. I know I shouldn't base everything on looks, but new IPs will get missed if they don't do something with the atmosphere like the awesome-looking upcoming shooter Dishonoured.

sarshelyam2792d ago

But the combat mastery is far more engaging in Binary Domain. Gears, not so much. Leveling up your weapon in Binary, actually forming a cause/effect relationship with your partners as fantastic.

The enemy damage was great too. Being able to pick away at an enemies legs, to have it crawl after you, or take out its head and use that against their allies was a nice touch.

thereapersson2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Based off what I've seen and off of other user reviews, and having played Gears of War from start to finish, I'd give the slight nod for story and writing to Binary Domain.


Sarshelyam, you're right on that last aspect. I like the fact that just because you down an enemy in BD doesn't necessarily mean you're in the clear. Attacking various locations on the enemy results in a different approach to combat. You can shoot legs and arms off and they'll still crawl after you. The cinematic trailers from Binary Domain were more engaging; a bit cheesy, but in a good way. There was still an air of serious science fiction, like iRobot or Ghost in the Shell.

BadCircuit2792d ago

Uncharted is more of an adventure game than a shooter.

Ness-Psi2792d ago

i wasnt being serious lol you guys....

suicidalblues2791d ago

But you weren't being funny, either.

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