Norway Killer Played World of Warcraft, Which Probably Means Nothing At All

Time: Blame video games — that’s the watch phrase these days when something tragic happens. The non-gaming media seem to enjoy zeroing in on video games that are highlighted in horrifying crimes, invoking the rhetorical question: Do video games screw people up? Like the trial of Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik, 33, a right-wing extremist charged with killing eight people in a car-bomb attack near a government building in Oslo last July and 69 others in a follow-up shooting spree at a youth camp run by Norway’s Labor Party.

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NYC_Gamer2792d ago

The media trying to blame violence on forms of entertainment is just bull crap

ShoryukenII2792d ago

This guy is sick and disgusting. I had to scroll down to type this comment because I can't even look at his face. I can't wait until he burns in hell.