Santa Monica Hiring for Unannounced IP

Santa Monic Studios has posted a new job listing that they are hiring for an unannounced brand new ip.

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NastyLeftHook02964d ago

whatever it is i know its going to be good, santa monica rocks.

NastyLeftHook02964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

yeah, there games (god of war 3 especially) still to this day makes tentonsoftube wonder..."how did they do it?" there games are wild rides.

oh by the way, turok dinosaur hunter rules.

sinncross2964d ago

I speculate this is the FPS Heartland, which was originally meant to be a PSP game by Jaffe.

Sony recently patented 'From Ashes' so it is possible that it got a new name. Anyways, if they stick to what Jaffe wanted to do then this will be good.

On a side note, David Cage mentioned last year that he helped advise the story elements of an exclusive new FPS. Regardless of whether you think Cage can wite or not he sort of has that stigma attached to him for Sony... so Heartland was meant to be hard hitting... like do you execute women and children even tough they are our enemy?

If this is the Ip then I think it is going to be amazing. All that remains... is it end cycle PS3, or are Santa Monica all in on PS4???/ Exciting times!

Nitrowolf22964d ago

Not really into the thought of another shooter, but an Open world title from Santa Monica? Yeah I'm down for that.

Patient_624822964d ago

Great Studio, if I was a game DEV I'd be all over this.

DA_SHREDDER2964d ago

You don't deserve me, j/j :)

Gamer30002964d ago

another exclusive ???
my god:)

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