List of confirmed Wii U launch titles

WiiUDaily lists the confirmed launch titles for the Wii U.

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TrendyGamers2399d ago

This list will grow immensely in June.

-Alpha2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

It better, all of these are old ports. I mean, no offense, but I hope to see some Nintendo franchises at launch, or some games that I'm not already playing right now. Fingers crossed that they have been hiding something big like a new Super Mario demo, that would blow the roof off.

Shok2399d ago

Well a 2D Mario and a Pikmin title have actually already been confirmed, so there's 2 there.

And Retro Studios and Monolith have both been working on Wii U titles for 3 years now so I think it's safe to say that both of their titles will at least be in the launch window.

Yea, can't wait to see a 3D Mario though.

-Alpha2399d ago

^That's great to hear. I knew I remembered hearing something about Pikmin, thanks

SilentNegotiator2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )


But are they confirmed LAUNCH titles?

Lucretia2399d ago

yeah ports arent enough mostly because we have ps3's or 360's already so the only benifit this will have is for Nintendo freaks who only play nintendo consoles.

otherwise the normal gamers will have enjoyed and beaten many of those games already so its useless.

and honestly i'd like to see more than mario zelda this time around.

i will play them but im tired of them already. least they have new pikimin for pikimin fans. too bad i hate pikimin

Moncole2399d ago

Only one of those is an old port

AngryTypingGuy2399d ago

What a crappy controller. I'm sure it will be cool for gimmicky games made exclusively for it, but who wants to play something like Assassin's Creed 3 or a shooter on that thing? No thank you.

mamotte2399d ago

@AngryTypingGuy It has buttons. Do you need anything else, sir?

AngryTypingGuy2398d ago

Some ergonomics and real triggers would be nice. I will take it over the Wii-mote though.

sikbeta2398d ago

Pikmin was confirmed already, don't know if launch window or further than that

FredEffinChopin2398d ago

The Jaguar controller had buttons too, as did the first Xbox. Both were awful to handle. The giant tablet with buttons on the side looks like it might steal the impracticality and discomfort awards from both of those.

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Akuma-2399d ago Show
TBM2399d ago

personally i'll wait to purchase the wii u. AC3 i will get for my ps3 as i played the first two on it. no need for me to get batman since ive already beaten it.

also i dont see people who have friends on both ps3, 360 getting games especially with multiplayer portion on the wii u. nintendo waited to damn long to it into HD gaming.

callahan092399d ago

Whoa. Never heard of Killer Freaks From Outer Space until just now. Looks awesome! I doubt the graphics will rival that trailer, which has to be pre-rendered, but they definitely put a lot into the trailer. Great presentation and style. Seems dark and gritty but at the same time it takes itself lightly and with great humor. I haven't even considered getting a Wii U, but I will have to keep looking at the exclusive lineup, and I'll probably end up getting one yet.

ChickeyCantor2398d ago

Last E3 ubisoft showed a alpha/beta? demo. look it up.

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iamnsuperman2399d ago

Batman: Arkham City release seems odd to me. I can understand Rocksteady doing it to increase revenue but who is going to buy it who have already either got it or passed up on it because it already being on PC, 360 and PS3. I assume there really isn't that big of a user base who just have a Wii and so missed out on titles like this.

Like Trendy Gamers said above this list will grow (well it should). It would be nice to see if those rumours about brand new ips (new characters) a while back will be unveiled at E3

BitbyDeath2399d ago

Maybe it'll offer something new through the tablet?

Lucretia2399d ago

so some gimmick on the tablet is going to be worth buying it again? and probably cost 60$ aswell when its like 20-30 bucks else where?

lol screw the tablet, its useless so says nintendo since you dont need 4 of them. If it was a key accessory then everyone would need 1 like everyone needs a controller

tee_bag2422399d ago

Good point Lucreti. When Wii U was first announced I a little excited by the thought of a Nintendo for Harcore gamers.. Right up until I saw that stupid fisher price looking contoller, it looks like it came straight out of the kids section right next to the duplo lego in a toy store.

Unexpecta2399d ago

You know a gaming company screwed up when they incorporate TABLETS with their CONSOLES.

Who the hell wants to hold this tablet controller abomination? Not me, and just picturing someone or myself holding this thing and using it to play games just shakes me.

Where is Nintendo going these days. First it was the 3DS, which we all know was a punch in the face to handheld gamers, and now it's Wii U, a complete joke.

Nintendo, I hope you're joking. With everything. Your Wii U project is a joke and all the games you plan to develop for the system will be manifested into the greater joke.

Tablets and gaming consoles were never to intersect, Nintendo plans to do so and this may trigger the final countdown.

Hisiru2399d ago

They should release Arkhan Asylum + Arkham City in 1 disc.

DarkBlood2399d ago

true they would have about 7 or 8 gb left over going by the 25 gb disc and file size based off of 360 install size or ps3 that is if they dont bother to up the rez any higher

unless that extra space left is enough to do something like that?

metroid792399d ago

Try Epic's Mark Rein said he played Batman on wiiu and its awesome.

FredEffinChopin2399d ago

You know he's making a Wii-U title, right? He's gonna say something amazing about the system no matter what.

Patriots_Pride2399d ago

"but who is going to buy it "

I dont know maybe 1 million Wii owners who dont own a 360 or PS3 and are patiently waiting on the Wii U to launch -_-

Hardcore gamers swear that the gaming world revolves around them.

MartinGlow2399d ago

I actually held back on buying it so I can experience it on Wii U.

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PopRocks3592399d ago

Err, something needs to be corrected with this article. Didn't Namco say that Tekken Wii U would be held back to 2013? Unless of course if I'm mistaken.

Anyway, of the games in this list, I'm interested in playing Assassin's Creed III, Ninja Gaiden III, Batman, Aliens and whatever first party games come out.

Reason is I've yet to play any of the games that are already on 360/PS3 and I figure that the Wii U ones will more than likely be the superior versions (given the extra control styles and other such new features).

Keep in mind this is only speculation and I've merely put forth interest into these games and don't necessarily intend to buy them yet.

Nutsack2399d ago

Lol, superior versions? 1. It'll be a port from most likely the 360 version (seeing the CPU's are better comparable than from PS3). Ports are never better than the 'original'

2.The tablet controller won't really do much. Did the Wii make superior versions of games on other consoles? Lets be fair, the Wiimote overal is just a gimmick, its inaccurate and has many shortcomings. COD didn't became a better game because of it. The tablet controller is one touch with a stylus, it can do just so much.

Overall ports of games will be integrating the tablet as a sales gimmick, only games that are specifically made exclusive for the console and its controller might really have some extra's. The rest, not so much

PopRocks3592399d ago

"Ports are never better than the 'original' "

Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition had all of the extra content, widescreen support and all available control schemes. The HD versions are better as well. So you're completely wrong in that regard.

"The tablet controller won't really do much."

You haven't played a single game with it so that's an extremely ignorant statement to make. Also the tablet controller has two analogue control nubs, two pairs of shoulder buttons, four face button inputs. It supports new ways to play as well as traditional control styles.

So if the games are the same but with newer, more unique ways to play games, then yes, by definition it is superior for having more in it.

For example, Resident Evil Revelations has an abundance of different control styles. I personally enjoy playing it with gyro controls. They're not perfect, but I'm able to aim more quickly and more precisely with them. If I can get a similar experience out of these Wii U "ports" then I'll be satisfied. I really don't need you telling me what's "gimmicky" and worth my time and interest.

shackdaddy2399d ago

Actually, for Aliens and Batman, the devs said themselves that it'd be the superior version (For Aliens, they even said they were upping the texture quality).

Same with Darksiders 2 and other games. Assassins Creed 3 will probably be "superior" (at least, they will probably say that) too since it's Ubisoft and they're in love with Nintendo.

When we get into the bad port area, it will be games like CoD who can't even make a decent PC/PS3 port without tons of glitches.

DaPrintz2399d ago

Resident Evil4 isn't a good example. A Gamecube game, later a ps2 game, and then a Wii cash in? Of course after that many iterations they should offer all that to entice the suckers to buy it again. The real question is what will these current ps3/360 games have added to the WiiU versions that would make owners of these games already buy it again? Most people won't be buying a WiiU for games that u can get on ps3/360

Disccordia2399d ago Show
Nutsack2399d ago

So wait, you're naming one game aka RE4 that came out how many years after the original RE4 and it had some extra stuff? Oh wow dude, one game.

I could sum up all the hundreds and thousands of ports for example those from 360 to PS3 that didn't look any better. Some the other way around also.

Naming one game doesn't change much to this.

We know the tablet controller has single touch/stylus like input. Any touch device these days, smartphones, tablets, PSVita has multitouch. It gives a limited way you can use that tablet controller. Nintendo is known for selling gimmick hardware mate, you haven't learned it yet? Look at the Wiimote, inaccurate, often not used really good in games, just some ports with some bad Wiimote support added.

Lets see what other stuff they made, oh the Wiifit, lol. Can't you see? Nintendo just makes input hardware that looks like fun for kids, but its inaccurate gimmick shit.

" Actually, for Aliens and Batman, the devs said themselves that it'd be the superior version (For Aliens, they even said they were upping the texture quality)."

Said shackdaddy

Well.... I've heard many devs say that the PS3 ports made from 360 would be the superior version. They said this, to sell the game on the system. In reality, it always was worse. Marketing dude, marketing.

Thing is: if you can't see how Nintendo sells hardware, to the masses, to the casuals with gimmicky hardware (besides Wiimote, look at the 3DS, the 3DS is a gimmick too hardly used in most games). Kids love it though...

banner2399d ago

Damn nutsack... Is everytjing nintendo a gimmick to you? The wiimote has had great success with great games, hence sony copied, tried to anyway..

This is a whole new damn console! Why does it seem impossible to you that ports cant be superior? Thats like saying the ps4 wont be superior to the ps3, wait never mind you may actually think that..

The only gimmick i see is you.. Going in on a console you never even touched and going in on another that while it didnt have the power of the other 2 it sure as hell had some great games and if you dont know what those games are then shame on you..

Nutsack2399d ago

@ Banner

Nope, not everything is a gimmick to me. I was a hardcore Nintendo fan in the past. That is, the SNES/N64 time, after it, meh. Wiimote is inaccurate whatever you want. And often not used properly. Sure it had succes, it sold to the casuals... Sales is not quality mate. Sure Sony tried to get some of that motion sales. And BTW, I own a Wii even with the Wiimote plus addition and I also own Move for the PS3. Move at least is an accurate motion controller, its what the gimmick Wiimote should have been.

"Why does it seem impossible to you that ports cant be superior? Thats like saying the ps4 wont be superior to the ps3, wait never mind you may actually think that.."

Wut? Did you actually try to compare: ports of games aka software from one system to another with a console that go's from one generation to the next? Really? Ofcourse the hardware is superior in a next gen, as hardware gets upgraded. But what has this to do with software porting again? I really try to lower to your level of intelligence, but this is like trying to compare two different worlds. I base the lower quality of ports on the overall ports from the past. And 99% of them always degrade in quality. You might get some new gimmick use of another controller just because they need to support it, but the game on itself often gets worse, not better. The visuals for sure. Again, look at all the games ported from 360 to PS3, or the versions that had the PS3 as a lead console ported to the 360. Almost all of them degraded in quality. Post-done motion controlling added to excisting games also fail, look at the PS3 games that got a Move upgrade. Overall it doesn't feel right. When they're specially made for the motion controls, then it works, not the ports.

Oh and again, I own a Wii. I played the better games, SMG1&2, New Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong Returns, Kirby, Madworld, Zelda, and many many more. Still its basically no more than the same old same old Nintendo IP's and a few alright games and a whole sh!tload of rubbish with sh!itty gimmicky use of motion controls.

Ravenor2399d ago


Please stop talking, you clearly don't understand why one port might suffer on one platform or another.

The touch part of the tablet is not for control, at all. It's mostly used for supplemental information. Which is fine, now you don't need to crawl through an inventory or take some HUD elements right off the screen. I also like to note that the Classic Controller works...

99% of ports degrade in, okay.

Disccordia2399d ago Show
banner2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Yes nutsack.. I actualy did compare this gen software to next gen hardware! *gasp*

The irony to think that nintendo didnt put an effort to add a emulator that allows much more improvement on last gen software, what day in age are we in? Did i just slip back a few deacades?!

Talk about intelligence! "look at games ported from 360 to ps3" get off sonys nutsack, nutsack... The ps3 isnt all that much more powerful than the 360, im sure you think the ps3 is a super pc but i assure you it is not... Im not implying wiiu will be a super pc but imo, wiiu you will have more power than ps3 and 360 do in comparison to eachother in turn it will have more room to not only enhance the game just by putting it in but it will add another layer, by you know that new gimmick...

Imo next gen is going to get it right with backwards compatibility.. It is rumord that ms is working hard on making sure all games will work (ms games obvioisly) will work and will enhance graphics and frame rates just by putting in the 360 game.. Thats with the dev not doing a thing to the game, imagine if the actually tried like they did with re...

Well what more you want?! You played a bunch of great games and many many many many more..... I can say the same for my ps3 and 360. What more you want? New ips every week? You wouldnt support it you seem to be the type to nit pick and do petitions over dumb shit.. At the very least i can say nintendo gave me an experience no one else matched till yrs later..

Yes sonys is much better in every way, but just like signing with puff daddy, not much support and very short lived.. I doubt you played "many many many great games" with move...

I dont care how many times a game franchise is made as long as i enjoy the hell out of it each and every time.. I dont cry who made it how many times its been made on a certain engine etc.. All i want is a great game/experience. I dont know, i guess im just a gamer and not " hardcore enough"

Personal question.. Im going out on a limb and assume your australian... If im right why are so many of you so ignorant on the internet, great ppl person to person but man when you bet on the web.....

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mike1up2399d ago

Yea Namco did say that... just in time for the new Tekken Tag.

GamingPerson2399d ago

I might be a nin fans again!