Disney princesses reimagined in Final Fantasy X-2 dresspheres

Talented Deviant artist xskirtzx has posted a Final Fantasy/Disney princess mash-up gallery. Assigning a unique dressphere (character class) from Final Fantasy X-2 to each of the princesses, the results are very imaginative.

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DV_Bastian2793d ago

Rapunzel, Sally, and Meg are easily my favorites.

Sadie21002793d ago

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I don't like admitting something "Disney Princess" is cool.

Arnagrim2793d ago

I really wish Square had taken X-2's combat system and used it to make something that wasn't X-2, and called it something other than Dresspheres or Sphere Grids or whatever.
The combat and other systems of X-2 were so good, but between the mission system, bastardization of characters from X, and the whole girl power/ bff thing going on between the Gullwings, I found myself cringing at a good 90% of the game.
Also Tidus coming back at the end was all sorts of stupid, honestly the bittersweet ending of X was one of the more unique things the game had done for the Final Fantasy series and him coming back felt like more of a slap to the face to fans of X than anything.