Best Sega Genesis games of all time (GamesRadar)

GR writes: "Pardon the pun, but the Sega Genesis was a game changer. As a 16-bit system, it meant sharper resolution, bigger characters, more complex animations, and digitally sampled audio. The graphics began to approach cartoon-like quality, allowing developers to design large casts of recognizable characters. Released in 1989 with the slogan “Genesis does what Nintendon’t,” it was consistently neck and neck with its biggest competitor, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

If you missed out on these classics, or just want an old school nostalgia fest, you can find many of them on the Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection for Xbox 360 and PS3, or on the Wii’s Virtual Console. And don’t forget to check out our list of the Best Sega Game Gear games of all time.

Now, allow us to present our list of the 25 best Sega Genesis games of all time..."

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