Blu-ray Movie European sales Surpass 1 Million

Blu-ray disc accounts for 73% of High Definition discs sold – Total Blu-ray Disc movie sales across Europe have topped one million units, it was announced today by the Blu-ray Disc Association European Promotions Committee. Of the High Definition movie discs bought by consumers year-to-date in Europe, 73% were in the Blu-ray Disc format and 27% were HD DVD, according to sales data provided by Media Control Gfk International

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lynx1halo3939d ago

Blu-Ray > HD-DVD......Sonys way of getting back at the industry for losing on BetaMax lol

mighty_douche3939d ago

With the whole format "war" being all but done Blu-Ray players (& PS3's) should start flying out the door!

scrillakiller3939d ago

i hate the format war.i like bluray.i just want all movies on one format dammit.even if it werehddvd id be happy.but yeah bluray ftw

ravinash3939d ago

Just over 1 mill....I've got 5 of them!

Bordel_19003939d ago

Proud to be the owner of 28 of these BDs.

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