Analyst suggests The Old Republic is already losing subscribers

Arstechnica- It seems like just last month that producers at Blizzard were worrying publicly that EA's Star Wars: The Old Republic was partially to blame for World of Warcraft's declining subscriber numbers. But now there's reason to believe The Old Republic itself is already seeing its own decline in subscribers, only months after its launch late last year.

In an investor note released today, Cowen and Company analyst Doug Creutz said he suspects that subscription levels for The Old Republic may already be lower than the 1.7 million EA reported in February. Creutz's primary piece of evidence for this belief is publicly available server population numbers assembled and reported by These figures have shown a roughly 10 percent decline over the last two months. That doesn't necessarily mean the game has lost 10 percent of its subscribers in that time, of course, but it isn't really a sign of strong player growth, either.

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NYC_Gamer2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Knew it had to be a reason for all the daily half price/free weekend deals.

Megaton2959d ago

Think they lost a substantial amount around ME3's launch. Saw numerous posts from people complaining about their guilds or whatever falling apart from people quitting.

kevnb2959d ago

Its still doing good. As long as they keep up the support.

turnerdc2959d ago

I didn't get passed the second month. It just didn't have that lasting power. Hell I played Rift longer than TOR.

MadMen2959d ago

What did you expect your going to need something stronger than this for an online community to be as big if not bigger than WOWC

Not sure what, but it will have to be something really universal

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The story is too old to be commented.