Video: Gunslinger Stratos arcade action - GameFan Magazine

GameFan Magazine: "Gunslinger Stratos is the arcade sensation from Square Enix that’s got gamers lining up all over Tokyo to play… now GameFan brings you this exclusive video look at it straight form the arcade."

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andresegers2400d ago

Every game should let you dual-wield. Even games without guns.

darthv722400d ago

it was outtrigger. Not a bad game but certainly not as expansive as this one. This sort of a mix of outtrigger with jet grind radio in a sense.

Lots of room to run around. I like that.

Godmars2902400d ago

Look at this and think of a Psychic Force using this engine.

morkendo232400d ago

why do ALL!!! japanese games look better than american made games??