The Last Story Wii No. 2 ‘Most Wished For’ title

XSEED Games’ The Last Story to Nintendo Co.’s Wii ranked as a top ‘Most Wished For’ title this week at Inc. amid strong pre-order demand.

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LoaMcLoa2374d ago

Well deserved! It's the best RPG I've played this year :D (I live in Europe so I've played Xenoblade last year)

kevnb2374d ago

Good game. The Wii is finally getting turned on again!

Thepcz2374d ago

The game is miserable. Has no charm. The only good thing about the game is the ballroom music and your female friend who drinks. Oh and a couple of funny things a soldier says. Thats all.

The game itself is a let down. Im playing pandoras tower now and its infinitely better.

legionsoup2374d ago

While I've heard this game is good, and I'm going to pick it up right when it comes out, this kind of non-story is what makes N4G second rate at times.