League of Legends: The Reigning Champion of the MOBA Scene

My MOBA of choice is League of Legends. It happens to have the largest pro-scene at the moment, which is always entertaining, but its popularity is a coincidence.

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bwazy2785d ago

I prefer HoN (if barely as a genre anyways). It doesn't hold your hand whilst you play. Although the community in general are a bunch of asshats.

Love LoL's artstyle though. And the fact that towers actually do something (whilst in HoN they're fairly pointless/money farm).

ExCest2785d ago

Exactly, but I find that LoL's graphics (if that's considered art-style) is lacking. For the actual art, it's fairly impressive. I think that LoL was too dumbed down for a DOTA as it removed much of the original gameplay elements that made DOTA challenging. Good thing HoN and DOTA2 exist.