Kickstarter Is Out Of Control

Kickstarter is no longer a platform for individuals to fund their dreams. It's simply become a shortcut for cash. These games aren't being created by some wunderkid programmer trying to share his vision with his world, but veterans of the industry. Independent, perhaps, but established nonetheless.

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Emilio_Estevez2792d ago

They are going to ruin it for everyone.

Crazyglues2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Well I would say they already did ruin it for everyone, I have one policy and that's to not fund games... Period..

If you can't fund a software idea (Not Allowed on kickstarter) then why would you be able to fund games, it's the same thing -software- being made, but being called Games so it's not considered software even though it is, and it's really against the so-called rules..

This is clearly ridiculous -but you can't blame the game companies, they go where the money is - why fund this myself if Gamers are willing to pay for it for me-

-I blame Kickstarter -they need to shut this type of funding down, but they won't because the money has got them blinded - $3,336,371 is a lot of dam money -if that's what that other XBLA indie game got then can you really blame game makers for going this route..

I know some people will look at it and say -Some cool games or good games are being made this way, yes indeed I don't doubt that... But I would say this is more like buyer beware, because I would guess a lot more of the games disappoint -Just because what the gamers expects and what you get tend to differ.

Maybe they just need to find a way to clean up the process... so these people funding the game can be part of the development process.. Like an open beta with direct feedback on the developement.


vortis2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Pfft, you can troll elsewhere dude.

If not for KickStarter we would never even have Wasteland 2 in development or Shadowrun Returns (giddy with excitement). YOU may not care about the process but to me it looks like it's getting back to basics and so long as it stays transparent and we see the progress of the products then it's all good.

If big pubs weren't the selfish greedy mofo monsters that they are, we wouldn't need KickStarter in the first place.

If I have to dump $100 bucks into a KickStarter campaign to see the kind of games I'd want to play, then so be it. Better that than another $60, eight-hour crap-fest that appeals to no-brainer Hollywood blockbuster casuals.

I want a real game, with a real challenge with real gameplay. And if they can deliver that via KickStarter, all the more power to them.

I'm a gamer and I approve of this message.

Crazyglues2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

@ vortis

you didn't read what I wrote so it's kind of pointless to even respond to your comment, so on that note I'll just say yeah keep trolling

I love kickstar -just want them to update the process on games- but yeah I love kickstar it's a pretty cool idea. -the concept of people funding projects or business ideas.


vortis2792d ago

You're somewhat right, it's just the way you worded your point I guess (?), sounded more like you were against more of the aspects of the process than what you really meant to convey?

Anyways, Schafer did say that their process is like an open beta and that for some backers they will be able to directly talk with the devs on the project and suggest ideas and bounce back feedback regarding the progress.

That's not to mention that some of these projects will have complete transparency. It varies per project, and I'm fine with that because some people may work better just getting things done while others may want to share more about the development process.

Crazyglues2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

@ vortis

Ok fair enough.. -I know they are very valid pro's and con's to doing it this way, but hopefully they can make the process more transparent.. if that's what they are trying to do then I can't really be mad at them.

I just don't want Gamers to get burnt because I know gamers tend to get excited and just jump in the water head first..

-(maybe that's all I should have said)


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BrutallyBlunt2792d ago

What is there left to ruin? The big publishers have already done that by trying to gobble up any independent developer they can milk money from. EA is chomping at the bit trying desperately to get Minecraft for example.

Kickstarter gets rid of the bureaucracy that goes with publishing games. Yes you will find lots of games that have no direction but it's still funded by the people, not the suits. The big publishers need to realize the consumers are looking for fresh ideas and not just cash-cow projects. The Kickstarter program also offers some interesting bonus items that people like. It's not like some pre-order bonuses we see to often now that is just content taken out but stuff like a free copy of the game with your pledge. Or a collectors book or a t-shirt. You can even get your name and if you spend enough your face in the game. How much would Capcom charge to have you as a character in Street Fighter? They already charge us for characters that are already on the game disk.

Crap_Turtle2792d ago

This article and everyone else is missing the biggest flaw..............

Putting money in you have no intention of paying by either

A) Days before the end you change your donation amount

B) You use a false card or something

Its already happened

Raider692792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

What the fuck are you talking about lol!?Your words dont make sense to the article!

MANGLORD2792d ago

I don't see what the problem is. These ks ruining games opinion pieces are shit. No one is forcing anyone to contribute funds.

Felinox2792d ago

Im reserving judgement untill i start to see some finished projects. I have a lot of faith in Tim Schaefer, but not so much in others. What i believe the kickstarter programs are bringing to light is that developers want passionatly to revive classic IPs such as wasteland and Shadowrun and gamers want to play/buy them. Publishers should really be the ones opening their eyes.
We as gamers want more than COD clones...

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