Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Hands On Impressions From PAX East 2012| AUN New England

Brett writes - "Being the self titled shooter correspondent for our fine little website, I’ve always been die hard loyal to any Tom Clancy game. I like teamwork and tactics and I think they are just as important in shooters as any MMORPG out there. That being said, you can imagine how I felt to finally get some hands on time with Ghost Recon Future Soldier, pretty much the first big shooter to come out of the Tom Clancy series since Rainbow Six Vegas 2. "

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OC_MurphysLaw2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

I would tell you all about my experience with the beta but so far that pretty much has been "Loading"... The beta servers seem to be over whelmed and to make matters worse there appears to be an issue with joining games in progress on the 360 version.

I am still excited for the game but that was tempered a bit by these issues.

geddesmond2789d ago

I'm just after playing 8 matches online and the game has really impressed me. The graphics ain't the best and the beta has a lot of bugs and screen tearing but thats expected in a beta.

As for the actual game. The gameplays pretty solid. You can sprint, sprint then slide to your knees and go prone, go prone and role on the ground like in MGS4, take cover, while in cover you can aim at another piece of cover which brings up a circular icon and then you hold X and your character sprints over to that cover.

Weapons are pretty bad ass too with loads of different attachments that change the look and feel of the weapons. All in all its a great third person shooter and everything Socom games this gen should have been and I never played a ghost recon game or rainbow six game before.

I hope the graphics in the beta were toned down and the final games graphics see an improvement because their the only things that haven't impressed me.

neutralgamer192789d ago

Graphics imo are really bad. When you look out at the horizon you literally see diff blocks of colors like the nintendo days like wtf really?

Controls are clunky to me and i hate the way it feels when you run.

Also for some reason the beta keeps freezing up my ps3 which never happens to me.

Gameplay wise its definitely not a Cod which is a good thing. Its a tactical shooter that def needs teamwork and feels good.

Graphics arent everything however this day an age a game shouldnt look like this. Thats a turn off for me but ill be keeping an eye on it.