Do We Need New Video Game Consoles?

Cole Monroe explores if new game consoles are the answer to making games better today.

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NYC_Gamer2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Yes we do because new hardware would allow developers to achieve much more on the platforms not just graphic wise you think PS3 software would have been capable on the PS2?or PS1 games on the SNES...

pangitkqb2399d ago

Exactly. It's not about graphics. It's about physics, gameplay, new boundaries to be explored.

darthv722398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

Some would argue that we may not "need" new consoles but I certainly do "want" one.

On the flip side, the console makers probably dont want to release a new system because it could jeopardize the profit margins they may be making currently. Yet even they know the need to release one is something that must happen to advance the industry.

You can only do so much with what you have, and I have seen some impressive stuff done on hardware that you wouldnt think possible of creating.

It is still different from seeing new hardware that is even more capable. The ideas of what to do now become more intriguing to developers when a new slate is placed in front of them.

Looking back at the genesis, if you compared the games at or near the end of its run you would think how far they pushed the hardware when comparing them to the initial games at its release. It was the same hardware from beginning to end but it was the programming that got better in between.

It can also be a matter of cost. The old phrase goes something like: you generally pay more for less. So development costs of games on newer systems could potentially be cheaper and shorter given hardware that takes much of the load away from the actual developer themselves. Unlike coming up with new code and new engines to work on older hardware to try and extend the platform.

There are pros and cons to this topic. From my POV I would like to have new hardware.

Crap_Turtle2398d ago

Actually you can do less because dev costs increase, install base is nothing and really you cant do anything..........which is why the industry is close to crashing

darthv722398d ago

the hardware was developer friendly then the costs could potentially be less. Same with the development time. Most of the expenses are because of creating new libraries to do stuff that may not have been considered before. That takes time as well.

I'm not saying we need to have a gen that churns out crappy games each week but to get a return on investment the developers certainly need to cut that time down from years to a year or even less.

New hardware and programming techniques are what is needed to help achieve that.

Spinal2398d ago

Battlefield 3 - PC - 64 player matches large maps beautiful graphics.

Battlefield 3 - Consoles - 32 players - smaller maps severly reduce graphics.

Yes we need new consoles and im not even tryna troll. Its real talk. Id be happy to play bf3 64 players on my console.

PopRocks3592398d ago

I'm sure if the big publishers could, they'd release a new console the moment they had come into possession of new and interesting technology.

The problem is that costs money. and the theory of planned obsolescence is quite effective for them from a business standpoint. You buy a machine that is sure to grow old and outdated at one point or another, then you release a newer, better one that does what the last one cannot.

It's cool that consoles have come as far as they have, but there's always room for improvement. I'm a big gamer. As long as there's something cool to play, I'm in.

Gamer30002398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

yes we need new consoles
even though ps3 can hold it's own for 2/3 more years
that has nothing to do with launching ps4 next year or so

MilkMan2398d ago

No, not really. Not sure where publishers want to go. Notice I said publishers not devs.
Cause at the end of the day, all I'm reading in the features of the consoles are ways of staggering and restricting even further the consumer.
A good developer can make an awesome game with toothpicks and yarn..not "face melting graphics" like Cliffy B states, cause lets face it...if all they gonna do is a bigger, badder Gears of War...who cares?
You can keep cranking those out right now.

sly-Famous2398d ago

"Do We Need New Video Game Consoles?"

Not at the moment, no. As far as your DD comment goes, I will only embrace it as long as the software is available on the shelf, I am more than able to download games on Steam(which I dont because I still prefer holding on to my disk) but many of my friends, and millions of other gamers, are not and for that reason I will always appose the idea of the gaming industry going DD only, which I am sure will never happen anyway(hopefully).

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