Lair's Silence Breaks

Since making its debut at the 2005 PlayStation Meeting, Factor 5's PlayStation 3 exclusive actioner, Lair, has been one of the most talked about (and mysterious) next-generation games around. All those involved -- be it Sony or F5 -- have kept eerily quiet regarding almost every aspect of its production. What it's about, where it takes place, and how it works have only been spoken of in generalities and concrete details have been scarcer than a retailer offering PS3 pre-orders.

In celebration of TGS, Lair's big coming out party, Factor 5 President Julian Eggebrecht agreed to speak with IGN to discuss all things dragon.

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DJ5855d ago

Holy F*ck. Yeah, these guys are insane. Too bad IGN didn't post current pictures of the title (they all varied in level of detail and polish, so i think that's what the game looked like at various points in development). But the interview was just an awesome read.

LiquifiedArt5855d ago

WHAT A F#[email protected]#[email protected]# fantastic INTERVIEW PS3 RULES, LAIR ROCKS. ashsahahahahahahahahah

pRo loGic II5855d ago

Whats that green piss color?. It must be the art style.

Retard5855d ago

You piss green? Are you some kinda troll?!!!

THE TRUTH5855d ago

Read the interview, This game CANNOT be done on 360 hardware!!!!!!! And its in full 1080p!!!!

Go ahead and read from the article from start to finish!!!

PS3 is damn powerful and I can't be more excited. If sony says the PS3 is getting a price cut (both SKU's will ship with HDMI ports) it's over, no SERIOUSLY IT'S OVER

Wotbot5855d ago

7 SPU’s with their smaller pre set code could be passed through 6 hardware threads for hyper general core processing, which the 360 has. Can not see it being a problem.

tatical5855d ago

This game can be done on the 360. But they'd have to rewrite the game engine because its designed around the Cell and RSX, not the 360's 6-threaded CPU or unified shader array of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit).

Quote from page 5: "When we create a game, we absolutely focus on the platform it is designed around. Would we do one for 360, it would be a different game and a different engine"

Would Gears of War would look as good on the PS3 in its CURRENT form (without massive amounts of reprogramming)? I don't think so.

pRo loGic II5855d ago (Edited 5855d ago )

I know i read the interview, this game was desinged from the ground up for PS3. Just like 360 exclusive games couldn't be done on PS3. It's all over for Sony if MS releases a bigger HD. MS has Tons of thing up their sleves and we have 7 days left you really think MS would reveal the best of what they have first lol.

Bhai5855d ago

3 cores is a subset of 7 core/SPEs, a 7 cannot be stuffed into 3 but a 3 can easily be supported by 7. You 'stink' man, don't you know this is called porting ?! And by the way, there is also no logic or game out there to support your comment, neither has any other developer made such an indirection !!! HaHaHa !.

Solid Snake5855d ago

What do they have! Nothing in my estimation, what they gonna do give the 360 away for nothing lol, i'm sure they would, but there money grabbers, even if they did give it away i'm sure no one would even take it lol, where the Fake Deal, is he banned yes he must be Lol hahhahaha!

Scythesean5855d ago

are you bringing out specs from over a year ago? Man that's a shame.. You have nothing better then info done OVER a year ago with out info on the real specs of the ps3?

achira5855d ago

oh, ms releases a bigger hd ? oh this owns of course everything ! no this was a joke. do you want to pay 300 bucks for 50 gb drive ? dumb ms moron. what do you want with this space if the console is crap ? buy a ps3 and be happy !

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