Xenoblade Chronicles defeated my depression with its glory

Discover how Xenoblade Chronicles brightened up a depressed writer.

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Crap_Turtle2787d ago

You know what gets me depressed these days? Thinking about the future of the games industry.........I have a feeling we are being lead towards a dead end because the people running the companies arent the same ones gaming. Thats how I feel

Responding to your comment

"I get the sense that Nintendo of America doesn't see a future in Japanese RPGs"

I dont understand how you could get that since this gen theyve been a localizing and publishing rpg force, NOA/NOE doing the most in there history...............

Thepcz2787d ago

Xenoblade is a remarkable game. One of my best gaming experiences ever. Definitely memorable... Its epic!

Ps_alm3k2783d ago

A true jrpg fan must not let this slip by!