God of War: Ascension - What We'd Love to See From Kratos's Return

Gamesradar- "Reports of God of War IV being in development started almost as soon as God of War III hit store shelves. Now that Sony has announced a follow-up to 2010’s God of War III, those hopes have become a reality. It’s been two years since players got a chance to play a new God of War game, which matches the longest drought between games the series has ever seen.

As one of Sony’s most popular and longest running exclusive franchises, God of War is more than due for a return to prominence. Instead of waiting for Sony Santa Monica to deliver the news, we took it upon ourselves to come up with a wish list of what we think will make the next God of War an unforgettable PlayStation game."

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Patriots_Pride2425d ago

Wow calm down Shazz.

If bald men in skirts turn you on maybe you should visit Scotland.

TheFallenAngel2425d ago

I would like him to see him as the general in a massive war.

Patriots_Pride2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

Wow calm down FallenAngel - If generals with massive wars turn you on maybe you should visit Somalia.

ZBlacktt2425d ago

Been there done that. Was in Somalia 1992 while in the Marines. Nice place...

MagneticDeath2425d ago

Hoping for full fledge wars with other Spartan warriors, begging for Ares to save your life, and eventually slaughtering your own family. I want the look of Kratos to change throughout. From man to Ghost of Sparta. Big scale wars and all new weapons/ move sets.

ZBlacktt2425d ago

In on the super bandwagon of news and stories on this game!

BuffMordecai2425d ago

I was under the impression that Kratos already won, who does he have left to fight?

ginsunuva2425d ago

It's a prequel. Do your research people

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