Norway’s Breivik: The violent game blame bus rides again

VGW: "A man who admitted killing 77 people in Norway last summer testified today that he was trying to kill the prime minister and other government ministers by bombing a building in Oslo.

Before critics jump on the “video games are bad” bus yet again, let me pull the keys out of the ignition right now."

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please dont call him Norways Breivik, he is no longer a Norwegian

cynosure2796d ago

Hes a Norwegian like it or not he was born there.You don't lose your citizenship when you commit crimes


he is no longer a Norwegian

cynosure2796d ago

Ok so then what is he if hes not a Norwegian according to your knee jerk logic


a weak person? a lonely person? a sad AND lonely person? a disturbed person?
To me he is nothing but a nameless childmurderer

MrDead2796d ago

The guy can’t be Norwegian, he isn't even human.

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SephirothX212796d ago

Hitler killed 6 million Jews. USE killed 200000 people with the atomic bomb. we kill animals and eat them for our pleasure. We are amoral mofos. Get on with it.