Dishonored Is A Cocktail Mix Of Some Great Ideas In A Game | GameBlurb

Gameblurb writes, "When I learned about the fact that Dishonored was being worked on by some brilliant developers who have also had their hands in Half Life 2, Thief, and Deus Ex, I knew there is going to be something special about this game. See those three titles I just mentioned? All of those are probably on a top 10 list somewhere on the internet. "

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MicrocutsX22789d ago

I am definitely looking forward to this game. It's got so much potential and the preview really reminds me of the original Deus Ex and Thief.

yog-sothot2789d ago

I agree ! This is actually one of my most anticipated game at this point

optimumcrack2789d ago

I totally agree! Watching the short video made me forget about other upcoming releases! Definitely cut the line for next buy. Thanks for the review GB!