G4TV- Dragon Ball Z for Kinect First Look Preview- Hands-Free "Kamehameha!"-ing

G4TV- How many of you have ever watched an episode of Dragon Ball Z and imitated the poses from the show’s iconic heroes? Go ahead, there’s no shame here. You can freely admit it.

The good news is that now you can put all of that effort directly into gameplay, and give yourself a brisk workout at the same time. Now all of your flailing, jumping, kicking, and punching will be turned into combo attacks and magic spells, courtesy of Dragon Ball Z For Kinect.

The game includes over 50 characters, with the ability to add more via QR codes and the Kinect sensor, and you can perform more than 100 different moves, including Goku’s iconic Kamehameha, as well as Spirit Bomb, Final Flash, Special Beam Cannon, and more.

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