Will EA Ruin Dragon Age 3?

With all the press about Mass Effect 3, will EA get its hands on another third entry in a BioWare series and make things worse?'s Dean Martin tells readers what needs to happen in order to avoid another media catastrophe.

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NYC_Gamer2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

Yes,it'll be another casual hack&slash game instead of an rpg...hell,Bioware might add guns/ borrow sci-fi elements from their Mass Effect shooter.

Captain Qwark 92376d ago

maybe, im betting that with da2 they meant to make a game more like the witcher 2 but it just didnt come out right. having said that, the da series most closely resembles the witcher series to me so thats some strong competition

SneeringImperialist2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

Dragon Age 2 was released before the The Witcher 2 (by a couple of months) so how were they trying to make their game more like another game that wasn't even released at the time lol.

Captain Qwark 92376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

easy their goal was a game that looked and played similar to the witcher. just becuase the witcher wasnt out doesnt mean their idea/concept wasnt similar. in the end they just failed in the execution. plus the first witcher was still around

just think for a moment how similar the two games really are, ability wheel and time slows/pauses when accessed, fantasy setting, i believe they use the same engine, similar combat mechanics with traps, potions, choice with consequence etc.. the biggest difference between origins and the witcher 2 is the witcher is clearly an action game with rpg mechanics where dao was an rpg with action game mechanics. now for the sequel to dao what was their #1 goal? to make an action game with rpg get it?


I think either way they'll have gamers who hate...those that want more action and those that want more old school mechanics.

It's the whole damned if you do and damned if you don't situations.

SneeringImperialist2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

After the amount of games EA has gobbled up and shat out it's an almost certainty they will.

theWB272376d ago

I thought EA was a publisher...and to my remembrance they published mass effect 2 and it didnt have a media up my conclusion from that is it was biowares fault, no EA. What has happened to journalism and the short memories we have. EA publishes Dead Space and look at it. Never seen so much narrow mindedness.

siccmr1872376d ago

Dead space isnt one of EA's fav cash cows is it? and mass effect 2 had its fair share of complaints, you cant deny the series has been dumbed down to appeal to a more wider audience, and if you think EA have no input and simply publishes then your living in a dream world

theWB272376d ago

The fact that it makes them money, and is one of the better apps they have, dead space is a favorite cash cow. If it makes money, its a favorite. I don't get how people say ME was dumbed down, ME1 had a clunky menu system and most of the things they gave you wasn't of use. You looked for the best armor and best weapon upgrades( people seem to forget that there was no variation in weapons,and certain classes couldnt use a weapon at all.) People confuse quantity with quality.
I didn't say they didn't have influence either, I'm stating the fact that they are publishers and aren't developers. They care about the cash in terms of extras, DLC, timed exclusive type deals but they dont didnt sit in on mass effect and tell them what ending they wanted. People give EA too much credit to me, EA is in it for the money, as is EVERY BUSINESS OUT THERE, but they wont be the ones to ruin Dragon Age, the developers will.

siccmr1872376d ago

Really, The word Favorite means to like over another! Mass effect 3 sold 1.3 million units in USA alone, i doubt Dead space has come close to that in its entire lifespan. and EA has the right to tell Bioware "make this by then" AND like we saw in the ending of ME3 dont leave the series unable to continue, which multiple endings, where are choices actualy mattered would have done. Its like activision pumping a new cod out every year, activision dont make the games but they have IW and Treyarch rushing out a title every other year

theWB272376d ago

To siccmmr187
Even though your rant made no real sense, Dead Space 2 has sold over 2 million copies by itself. What you stated is what publishers do, but they didn't tell bioware to make the ending crappy. They could have had a helluva ending and still made it open. I doubt they had to tell them dont leave the series unable to continue, EA knows the universe of mass effect will sell even though shepard's story is over, so that point is moot. Your point about activision, COD is their cash cow, EA has more games and franchises under it's belt to not do the same as activision. That's why you don't see them putting out yearly updates, save for the sports arena. They can afford to stagger their top tier games, activision can't. EA's portfolio is much too large to say that mass effect is a favorite cash cow, Need for Speed, Crysis, Warhammer, Burnout, and on and on.

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