Number games: the heated debate over review scores

GZ's Stephanie Carmichael writes, "We didn’t always live in a world of convenience. As the video game industry has grown, so have the options available to us. Today, we can’t visit our favorite websites or even check our email without running headlong into a sea of news, reviews, previews, teasers, trailers, walkthroughs, gameplay videos, promotional images, and interviews — even merchandise and culture, like t-shirts and cosplay. Everyone has an opinion. Free access to blogs encourage those without a voice in the medium to speak out. So why do we feel the need to criticize others when they share something as trivial as a review score? Since when do numbers, which vary so greatly in their implications, trump the weight and power of words?"

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Crap_Turtle2789d ago

Reviews are nothing more than opinion and should be taken no more or less seriously than you would take any gamers opinion

However if they generalize, sensationalize or present false info then you should say so

kevnb2789d ago

Reviews don't matter in any form of media.