GNT: Love Kinect or Diss Kinect

GNT: Yes, folks, the future is upon our faces! We are digitally fighting off storm troopers and feeding pets without a controller. Our bodies are being used to beat our parents or friends in a game of dodge ball or kicking butt in a dance off. The XBOX 360 Kinect provides us with hours of virtual entertainment while getting our gluteus maximus off the couch. However, is it worth purchasing for fitness purposes? That’s what we’ll be discussing here today boys and girls–GNT’s specialty of combining gaming and fitness! Boom!

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2376d ago
from the beach2376d ago

The fitness potential of Kinect is pretty considerable - almost every game you play on it, exercise game or not, is physically demanding. Get a workout while you play!

BlackTar1872376d ago

yea thats true . I liked wii for fitness when i hurt my back doing training . I need to try a firness game on my kinect i bet its way better

DytonicsGaming2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

I think its a very horrible idea for the gaming industry, it is also rumored from sources I know that the Microsoft's next console will be fully in with kinect and there may not be a controller.